Why CM Punk vs Tanahashi Could Happen At Forbidden Door 2023

Hamish Woodward

Last year’s Forbidden Door main event was set to have CM Punk vs Hiroshi Tanahashi for the AEW Championship.

The bout was announced on the same AEW Dynamite that CM Punk broke his foot, keeping him out of the ring for months and forced him to miss the event completely.

Jon Moxley replaced CM Punk in the match with Tanahashi, beating him to win the Interim AEW Championship in the main event.

While this was a fantastic match, fans lamented missing out on the dream match between CM Punk and Hiroshi Tanahashi. They missed out on the bout last year, but it seems Forbidden Door 2023 could house this match finally.

CM Punk vs Hiroshi Tanahashi At Forbidden Door

A recent promo with MJF could end up in CM Punk vs Hiroshi Tanahashi at Forbidden Door 2023.

After being informed about his AEW Championship match with Tanahashi being made official, MJF turned down the chance to wrestle the Ace of the Universe, not wanting to defend his title against a “rando’ from some rinky-dink indie in Japan”.

Imma say no to that one, actually. I don’t feel like giving a world title shot to some rando from some rinky-dink indie fed from Japan.

As far as Tony Khan booking me for a match up – it wouldn’t be the first time I no showed somebody booked me for.

Tanahashi [thumbs down and blows raspberry], sorry, no can do bud!

MJF on his match with Hiroshi Tanahashi at Forbidden Door

With that match currently on the ropes, it could make room for CM Punk to slot in the main event match, just had Moxley had done the year prior.

CM Punk brought a bag with him to the ring on the AEW Collision debut. He didn’t reveal what was in the bag. However, it is likely it was the AEW Championship belt he won at All Out 2022.

With one AEW Champion refusing to wrestle, CM Punk could “defend” his title against Tanahashi in the main event, giving fans the world title match they were promised a year prior.

This could also be used to build to a third MJF vs CM Punk for the AEW Championship, as well as using Punk as the “world champion” on AEW Collision with his alternate AEW Championship belt.

Twitter user Teffo first thought of the idea, with the below Tweet:

What if MJF in fact no shows for his match against Tanahashi at Forbidden Door and, since CM Punk is claiming he’s still the real AEW World Champion, he goes on to face Tanahashi in the event? That’d also could lead to the eventual MJF/Punk III. What do you think about it?

What don you think about this potential match between CM Punk and Hiroshi Tanahashi? Will CM Punk replace MJF at Forbidden Door? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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