Will Ospreay Calls Bryan Danielson The “Best In The World”

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Will Ospreay has called Bryan Danielson the best in the world, while discussing the reasons why he calls himself “Billy GOAT”.

Ospreay recently challenged Kenny Omega to a match at Forbidden Door, looking to add to their 6.25 star match they had at Wrestle Kingdom this year.

Being one of the best wrestlers in the world, Will Ospreay has come to call himself “Billy GOAT”, owing to the fact that he could be considered the greatest of all time.

When speaking to Chris Van Vliet, he explained where that nickname came from, and how he matches up against other British wrestling legends.

“It just came apart of a character, right? Just like, I’ll just, I’ll call myself this billy goat. But come on, like, you are. It came from, like, the Eminem Kill Shot lyric, yeah. Like, and I remember sitting there, I was like, ‘I’m gonna call myself Billy GOAT”.

I just sold a bunch of merch from it, so I’m real happy about that. But just like, I mean, that suits me, kind of like how I am now. Like, it is this, like, I will lean into that. Well, no one’s better me, the wrestling side of things.

No one’s done this, no one’s done that. So that makes me go, like, is Dynamite Kid ever won the IWGP World Heavyweight Title? No. That makes me go, that’s British Bulldog. No, it makes me the GOAT.”

He also spoke about the trend of wrestlers claiming to be the “best in the world”. Wrestlers like CM Punk and Chris Jericho were namedropped as wrestlers who used that nickname, but Ospreay explained why he also claims to be the best wrestler of all time.

“I think it’s just comfortable, like it gets passed down, didn’t it? Punk, Danielson, David Richards at one point in this world, um, like this Jericho.

Like, it does get passed down to, like, so when you say it, like, whether it’s me, whether it’s Kenny, whether it’s Danielson, whether it’s anyone, you can’t kind of feel it a little bit. Yeah, like, because you can smell a fight. Okay, you can smell, ‘Oh, you don’t believe in the words you’re saying.’

But like, when I do say it, there is that small part of me going, ‘Like no one’s doing it like I’m doing it. No one.’ And the ones that do try it, they’re not got that thing that I do it with, man. Like, so that’s where my confidence comes, it does.

Will Ospreay then claimed that Bryan Danielson is the best wrestler in the world, owing to his incredible in-ring skill and his longevity in the ring.

He also name-dropped AJ Styles as one of the best in the world, which makes sense considering it was Styles who inspired Ospreay to become a wrestler.

But I also, I’m humble about it. Like, I think Brian Anderson’s the best in the world, my personal take on it. I think he’s like, for the longevity and even AJ, like, I think AJ’s the best in the world, but longevity-wise and like the consistency, even that match that Dan used to have with MJ, if I thought that was like, I thought that was honestly just a spectacle of like, ‘Here’s one of the best in the world.’

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