Subculture nearly signed for TNA in 2024, Mark Andrews reveals

Hamish Woodward

Mark Andrews has revealed that Subculture nearly re-signed with TNA in 2024, following their tag team championship reign in the company last year.

Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster were a popular tag team on the British indie scene before being snapped up by WWE for their NXT UK brand in 2016.

They quickly rose up the ranks to become NXT UK tag team champions in 2019, beating the Grizzled Young Veterans and Gallus in a fantastic three-way tag team match.

Sadly, they were released by the WWE in 2022 following the closure of NXT UK. They took a short break before joining TNA in 2023, winning the TNA World Tag Team titles during a short run.

Subculture almost signed for TNA in 2024

Andrews and Webster almost re-signed for TNA in the new year, following their tag team championship reign in the company in 2024.

When asked if fans will see himself and Webster back in the newly rebranded TNA this year, Andrews hoped they would, revealing that they almost signed a deal to return to the promotion.

However, they could not come to an agreement, although it does not close the door forever – Andrews cited the TNA X Division title as “on my bucket list”.

“I really hope so! We loved our run at Impact/TNA last year. A truly wonderful company with such a good environment backstage.

“Me and Flash were very close to signing a deal with them for 2024, but unfortunately we couldn’t come to an agreement that worked for everyone.

“Hopefully it won’t mean the last of us in TNA, because we really do love working there. And as you said – that X Division Title is a big one on my bucket list.”

Andrews previously wrestled in TNA as a singles wrestler

Contrary to popular belief, last year was not the year that the Welsh star debuted in TNA.

Andrews was a part of the “British Bootcamp” competition in 2014, winning the competition and earning a contract with the company.

He challenged for the X Division Championship on a number of occasions, but failed to take him the gold during his first run in the company.

During this time, he was referred to as “Mandrews”, helping to avoid confusion with the NFL player with the same name.

The Welshman wrestled for TNA until 2017 before he released, promptly rejoining the British wrestling scene and eventually signing for NXT UK a year later.

Andrews currently runs his own promotion, Attack! Pro Wrestling, performing mainly out of Wales in the United Kingdom.

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