Mark Andrews was meant to wrestle at Clash at the Castle in WWE originally

Hamish Woodward

Former WWE Superstar Mark Andrews was supposed to wrestle at WWE’s Clash at the Castle event in August 2022, the wrestler has revealed.

The show took place in Cardiff, Wales and was the first stadium show in the United Kingdom that the WWE had put on since Summerslam 1990.

It was a huge success, with matches like Gunther vs Sheamus and Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre sending fans home happy, knowing they’d seen an all-time great show that night.

However, the lack of Welsh stars on the show was noticeable, and as it turns out we almost got one of the best Welsh wrestlers in WWE to take part.

Mark Andrews nearly wrestled on Clash at the Castle

Former NXT UK Tag Team Champion Mark Andrews was originally meant to be a part of the WWE’s first ever Welsh stadium show, the wrestler revealed.

Speaking during a Reddit AMA, the Cardiff-born and Cardiff-bred superstar had talks about wrestling on the show in his home town.

He claimed that there were “talks” about appearing on the show, and that wrestling in the Millennium Stadium would have been his favourite match of his career (beating out his match at NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff).

“There were some talks of me wrestling at Clash at the Castle. I think that would have been the only thing that could have topped Takeover Cardiff.”

Sadly, Andrews was fired from the WWE just weeks before the event due to the closure of NXT UK.

He could have been part of the match with Sheamus and Gunther

While there was no clear opponent for Andrews at Clash at the Castle, adding him to the legendary bout between Sheamus and Gunther seems like the most likely option.

The hometown hero would have been a huge fan-favourite going into the match, and losing would have made Gunther an even bigger heel in the eyes of the fans.

However, adding him to the match would mean we didn’t get the iconic encounter between the two hard-hitting European, so perhaps there is a better match Andrews could have been a part of.

The other option could be to add Andrews to the tag team match involving Edge and Rey Mysterio.

Dominik could have turned on his dad prior to the show, with Andrews appearing as the third man to accompany Mysterio and Edge against Dominik, Finn Balor and Damian Priest.

While he missed out on wrestling in front of the biggest wrestling crowd in Welsh history, the former WWE superstar has flourished after leaving WWE.

He and his partner Flash Morgan Webster have excelled as a team, winning the TNA World Tag Team Championship and wrestling some top teams, like Motor City Machine Guns, in a short but memorable TNA run.

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