Every Sheamus 5 Star Match (According to Dave Meltzer)

Sheamus is a guaranteed Hall of Famer once he retires, owing to a number of five-star performances in the ring.

The Irish star was a product of the ECW rebrand, but quickly outgrew the promotion and became WWE Champion just 166 days after his debut in the company.

This meteoric rise continued, and he became one of the few men to win the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank and King of the Ring (as well as a host of other accomplishments and titles).

In this article, we’ll talk you through one accomplishment that is more subjective and elusive – all of Sheamus’ five-star matches in his career.

Sheamus 5 Star Matches

So far in his career, Sheamus has had two matches awarded five-stars in the Wrestling Observer.

Dave Meltzer rated two matches of his five stars or above, both taking place within one year of each other.

It took Sheamus until the age of 44 to get his first five-star match, although we could see many more in the future as he gets into his prime, performance wise, in the WWE.

Sheamus vs Gunther – Clash at the Castle (5 Stars)

Sheamus picked up his first ever five-star match in the WWE during a historic match with Gunther at Clash at the Castle.

He challenged Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship, the only title Sheamus never won in the WWE.

This was at Clash at the Castle, the first UK Stadium show since 1992. Determined to do better than Bret Hart vs British Bulldog, both men pulled out all the stops to put on a match of the year candidate.

No match in WWE history was as hard-hitting as this, mixed with some wonderful psychology and audience interaction to make this match a joy to watch.

It also gave Sheamus his first five-star match in his career, despite being into his 40s and not considered a great worker by the fans.

He soon changed that perception, and started a campaign to make Sheamus a champion again.

  • Dave Metlzer Star Rating – 5 Stars
  • Cageamatch Rating – 9.16
  • Atletifo Rating – 5 Stars

Sheamus vs Gunther vs Drew McIntyre – WrestleMania 39 (5 Stars)

Sheamus once again took on Gunther , as well as his fellow European Drew McIntyre, in a huge match at WrestleMania 39.

Challenging for the Intercontinental Championship again, they fought in perhaps the greatest Triple Threat match in WWE history.

Getting a full five-star match from Dave Meltzer, the trio put on the hardest-hitting match in WrestleMania history.

The three men left welts on each other’s chests, in a match that never slowed down and neglected to treat wrestling as a work – it felt too real.

Sheaus failed to win the title once again in the 5-star contest, but all three men took the plaudits in one of the best WWE matches of 2023.

  • Dave Metlzer Star Rating – 5 Stars
  • Cageamatch Rating – 9.42
  • Atletifo Rating – 4.5 Stars

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