The Truth Behind Edge’s Injury At WrestleMania 23 Revealed

Hamish Woodward

Edge has suffered his fair share of injuries during his career, with his injury at WrestleMania 23 looking like the most painful yet.

The former WWE Champion was forced to retire in 2011, after a career of terrifying bumps in a multitude of ladder matches.

The Rated-R Superstar took part in the Money in the Bank ladder match at the event, aiming to win the belt for the second time in his career.

After picking up the briefcase at WrestleMania 21, he sought to repeat his cash in on John Cena and pick up his third World Championship in his career (so far).

The WrestleMania 23 Money in the Bank ladder match was one of the most star-studded matches in WWE history, featuring these WWE Superstars:

  • Edge
  • Jeff Hardy
  • Randy Orton
  • King Booker
  • CM Punk
  • Finlay
  • Matt Hardy
  • Mr Kennedy

Sadly, Edge missed out on victory thanks to a brutal attack by Jeff Hardy. During the match, Hardy laid Edge out on a ladder before launching from another ladder, crashing down onto Edge.

Hardy hit his trademark Swanton Bomb off a ladder onto Edge, who went crashing through his own ladder and was left in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Doctor’s checked on Edge, who took no further part in the match following the attack. It looked like he suffered a legit injury, and Edge spent two weeks away from the WWE to recover.

Mr Kennedy won the match, claiming the Money in the Bank contract for the first time in his career.

He would soon suffer an injury, and lose the contract to Edge in a match some months later.

Edge’s WrestleMania 23

Edge was reported to have suffered an injury, following an attack by Jeff Hardy at WrestleMania 23.

However, this was not as it seemed.

The injury to Edge was not a real injury, and was booked as part of the match. To stop him and Jeff from winning, the Hardy brother took them both out of the match in the most spectacular way.

The spot was planned because of an injury Edge suffered prior to WrestleMania 23. He suffered a “banged-up Jaw” in the weeks prior to the event in Detroit.

He took two weeks off following WrestleMania 23, but that was to recover from the jaw injury. Edge didn’t suffer a real injury in the Money in the Bank ladder match, and was instead a cover from a previous injury.

Luckily, the jaw injury wasn’t enough to stop him appearing at the event. Edge put on a wonderful performance, creating a true WrestleMania moment to be remembered for years.

This spot is different to the famous one from WrestleMania X7, where Edge speared Jeff Hardy in midair off a ladder.

Click below to watch that clip.

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