Sheamus WWE Championship Victories From Best To Worst

Hamish Woodward

Sheamus is a three-time WWE Champion in the WWE, and can make the claim to be one of the most successful European wrestlers in history.

The Irishman broke records with his first WWE Championship victory, becoming the third fastest world champion in WWE history.

He has since gone on to become a legend in the WWE, with some claiming he reached his prime in the ring in the past few years – with his battles with GUNTHER earning him multiple five-star matches.

In the incredible career of The Celtic Warrior, he has picked up three WWE Championships, which is the biggest prize available in the WWE.

To win these titles, Sheamus has beaten some of the greatest WWE Champions in the history of the company.

3. vs John Cena, TLC 2009

Sheamus debuted in the WWE in 2009 as part of the ECW brand. During this time, the company was using ECW as part of an initiative to bring through young stars that could become WWE Superstars in the future.

Soon after debut in WWE, Sheamus won the WWE Championship from John Cena in one of the biggest upsets in the companies history.

Having been wrestling on the main roster for less than a year, the Irishman had no business becoming world champion so soon. However, it was clear Vince McMahon had big things in mind for Sheamus and did not want to wait before giving him his big push.

On the episode of Raw following Survivor Seires 2009, Sheamus won a battle royal to determine the next opponent for WWE Champion John Cena.

The match was during an “old school Raw” episode and featured Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura on commentary.

Despite being dubbed the “Breakthrough Battle Royal” and claiming to have only wrestlers who had not been world champion competing, Randy Orton took part in the match.

Sheamus won the match by last throwing out Kofi Kingston to earn a shot at the WWE Championship at TLC 2009.

 On 13 December at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view, Sheamus defeated Cena to win the WWE Championship, his first championship in WWE.

He pushed John Cena from the top rope and the champion fell through the table.

The finish of the match looked like a botch, but it was later revealed it had been the planned ending all along. WWE wanted it to look like a mistake to protect John Cena from losing clean to the up-and-coming star.

While it was a shock, the WWE Championship win was not the best for Sheamus. The finish looked like a complete mistake (even though it was always the plan), and fans felt he was over pushed.

There were only 166 days between Sheamus debut in the WWE, and his winning the WWE Championship. It marked a meteoric rise for the young star, but the fans did not want it to happen like this.

2. vs John Cena, Edge & Randy Orton, Fatal 4-Way 2010

Sheamus would lose his WWE Champion status to John Cena in 2010, but that would not be the end of his time on top.

After losing the title, he went into a WrestleMania feud with Triple H, swapping victories with The Game over a number of pay per views.

This led him to the first (and so far, only) Fatal 4-Way pay per view in WWE history, challenging once again for the WWE Championship.

In a repeat of his shock victory the year prior, Sheamus once again walked out of the event as the WWE Championship, taking home the second world championship of his career.

The win was definitely not a mistake this time, and helped build up to the biggest angle in WWE that summer – John Cena’s battle with The Nexus.

The Nexus, lead by Wade Barrett, ran in to attack John Cena, Edge and Randy Orton. In the ensuing chaos, Sheamus pinned John Cena to win the second WWE Championship of his career.

1. vs Roman Reigns, Survivor Series 2015

While his Money in the Bank win in 2015 was not well received (to say the least), his cash in was one that was met by great reverence by the WWE Universe.

The Irish superstar had fallen by the wayside over the years prior, and was no longer a fan-favourite of the wrestling crowd.

However, fans were even less of a fan for Roman Reigns, after his nightmare year as a singles star in the WWE.

Horrible promos, poor matches and a push well above his level of talent, everything was going wrong for Reigns. He was being pushed ahead fo his Shield-mates, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, as well as the hero of the people, Daniel Bryan.

Roman Reigns beat Dean Ambrose to win the WWE Championship at Survivor Series 2015, but his reign was short lived.

He held the title for only 5 minutes and 15 seconds, before Sheamus stormed into the ring, hit him with a Brogue Kick and won the WWE Championship.

Nobody wanted Sheamus to win the title…unless it was against Roman Reigns. It helped to push Sheamus to the main event again, and saw him win his last WWE Championship in the WWE.

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