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Hamish Woodward

Alex Riley WWE

WWE’s Alex Riley On Being Held Back By John Cena

WWE fans of the 2010s may remember Alex Riley. The former protegee of The Miz seemed to be destined for the top one day then disappeared with a trace the next. He went from future star to NXT commentator to Netflix star in a matter of years, seemingly out of nowhere. However, In WWE Alex ...

Hamish Woodward

Alex Riley Says Team With The Miz Was “A Huge Opportunity”

Alex Riley has spoken about his time in the WWE as The Miz’s sidekick, declaring the chance to help him win the WWE Championship “A Huge Opportunity”. During his interview with PW Mania, the former WWE Superstar spoke about how he didn’t know what to expect when he was made The Miz’s protegee but made sure ...

Hamish Woodward

Alex Riley Beat Chris Jericho To Role On Netflix’s “GLOW”

Alex Riley has revealed that he fought off The Miz and Chris Jericho for a bit-part role in the Netflix original series GLOW. The show centred around the all-female promotion from the 1980s, named the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, or GLOW. In the show, Alex Rily played “Steel Horse”, a pro-wrestler who had intimate relations ...

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