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Hamish Woodward

What Happened To Uncle Howdy After Bray Wyatt Died?

Before the untimely death of Bray Wyatt, Uncle Howdy was one of the most confusing and intriguing characters in all of wrestling. Debuting as a rival, and then associate, of the Eater of Worlds, Uncle Howdy had many memorable moments in the WWE. Appearing from the shadows and attacking various WWE superstars, you never know ...

Hamish Woodward

bo dallas

What Happened To Bo Dallas? (Uncle Howdy, Liv Morgan)

What happened to Bo Dallas? Keep reading to discover how the former NXT Champion was wasted by WWE and released, and find out what he’s doing now. Who is Bo Dallas? If you ask any wrestling fan today about Bo Dallas from WWE, it likely they will know him as Curtis Axel’s partner from The ...

Hamish Woodward

Is Liv Morgan Married To Bo Dallas?

Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas have been one of the most talked about potential couples in WWE in years. The two wrestlers came through WWE developmental at different times in their lives and met up once they were both on the main roster. Bo Dallas was part of the original NXT roster, winning the NXT ...

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