What Happened To Bo Dallas? (Uncle Howdy, Liv Morgan)

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What happened to Bo Dallas? Keep reading to discover how the former NXT Champion was wasted by WWE and released, and find out what he’s doing now.

Who is Bo Dallas?

If you ask any wrestling fan today about Bo Dallas from WWE, it likely they will know him as Curtis Axel’s partner from The B Team. That is, if they even know him at all.

The brother of Bray Wyatt was never treated as a big deal in WWE. He was treated a joke since very early on in his career and without any respect from WWE management.

When you look back at the NXT Champions of the past, the cast is star studded and full of some of the best wrestlers of our day.

But if you go back far enough you will be shocked to see who the third man to hold the title was. Bo Dallas is the forgotten man who defeated Big E to win the NXT Championship at the start of one of the most entertaining runs in the brands history.

In case you are wondering, yes, I am talking about that Bo Dallas. The one who achieved a sole Tag Team championship win in WWE and who had his best run as one of The Miz’s lackeys. When you look at the champions who have come out of NXT, like Seth Rollins, Shinsuke Nakamura and Kevin Owens, seeing one of WWE’s less impressive jobbers can come as a shock to those who did not watch NXT prior to the WWE Network.

Bo Dallas was wasted by WWE and they could have had a top star if booked right. Instead he was ruined, his streak crushed and a potential storyline with Bray Wyatt flushed completely down the toilet.

Bo Dallas in NXT

At the time of his release, Bo Dallas was the longest reigning champion in NXT history.

He first won the Championship from Big E Langston on NXT and held it for a then-record of 280 days, a record which has since been broken multiple times and is currently held by Adam Cole.

Dallas started out in NXT as a face, winning the title as a “good guy” in front of his cheering fans. However over time fans grew weary of his goody two-shoes attitude and typical WWE babyface behaviour.

Triple H’s NXT was to be different to the main roster and didn’t want to see John Cena-lite dominating the brand like the real deal was on the main roster.

Over time, NXT corrected this. And by corrected it, made Bo Dallas act even more like the good guy he was.

Or should I say, the good guy he thought he was. He would cheat to win but pretend he never did so and acting like the good guy in the situation, mirroring some of John Cena’s actions on the main roster.

When fans began to boo him, he ingeniously claimed they were chanting for “Bo”, one of the funniest moments from Bo Dallas NXT career.

Not the funniest, however. His exit from NXT was, and is to this day, the funniest moment in the brands history. After losing a Win or Go Home match against Sami Zayn, Dallas was sent kicking and screaming out of Full Sail University (the home of NXT).

He tried desperately to escape the clutches of security, claiming “he touched my bum” in an effort to get them to let him go.

This was his last appearance in NXT before moving to the main roster after Wrestlemania 30. Whilst he did appear in the 2013 Royal Rumble after winning an NXT tournament, Bo Dallas real main roster debut would be in 2014.

Main Roster Debut

After his memorable exit from NXT, Bo Dallas’ main roster debut was hyped for weeks with vignettes which got fans excited to see him in a WWE ring.

WWE ran videos for weeks after Wrestlemania 30 hyping us his debut on WWE Raw. The videos showed Bo Dallas in promotional videos, reading out motivational statements to the crowd and asking them to “B0-lieve” in him.

Phrases like “today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present” were features of these videos which resonated with fans and had them excited for his debut.

The videos went on for weeks until the son of IRS made his debut on WWE Smackdown on 20/5/22.

His first opponent was Sin Cara, the infamous luchador whose run in WWE came with such hope but ended with an inordinate amount of botching which eventually led to his release.

Sin Cara took on Bo Dallas on the episode of Smackdown but was defeated in quick succession. The brother of Bray Wyatt defeated him with a Stratusfaction, which was renamed the Running BoDog when he debuted it in this match.

This began one of the most legendary streaks in wrestling history. At least, it would have, had WWE let him go undefeated for 20 years like The Undertaker. The Deadman had just lost to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and fans were crying out for a new undefeated legend to be born.

Whilst he did wrestle for a long time without defeat, his undefeated streak did not last long. Despite victories over real WWE superstars like Kofi Kingston and the Great Khali, Bo Dallas run of victories would end unceremoniously as he was beaten by R-Truth on a random episode of Smackdown.

Clearly Vince McMahon got bored of his new toy and found new, more exciting wrestlers to pit against his roster. Bo Dallas was relegated to the undercard and had little-to-no relevance in WWE until the end of his career, save for a brief tag team title reign.

His streak was fun and one of the funniest parts of the show in that era. He would celebrate a simple move going his way by exiting the ring and running a victory lap. It was so over the top and reminisicnt of his NXT character that fans could not help but laugh.

It even led to the hilarious situation of his running over El Torito (the mini wrestler who accompanies Los Matadores to the ring) in one of the funniest moments in WWE history.

After his streak was broken by perennial goofball R-Truth, Bo Dallas faced into obscurity. While fans would have loved to see him take on his brother, or even join him as part of his cult-like stable The Wyatt Family, the two literally never interacted on screen together and both are now released from the company.

What Happened To Bo Dallas?

Bo Dallas was released by WWE on April 15th 2020 as part of the first wave of the pandemic released by WWE. He had not appeared on WWE TV for some time and was mainly sitting at home on his farm, which he owned with his partner and WWE Superstar Liv Morgan.

He was released alongside multiple other WWE stars like Samoa Joe, Kalisto and Mickie James. While he was not the biggest star be released amongst his cohort, Bo Dallas release exemplified just how WWE wasted a talent and kept him employed doing nothing for the bulk of his 6 year stay on the main roster.

WWE Return

Bo Dallas has recently confirmed his return to wrestling. He has not wrestled since being released by WWE over two years ago and has been quietly working on his farm.

Speaking during a Q&A session during an event with For The Love of Wrest, Taylor Rotunda (his real name) confirmed his career is far from over and that he is looking to return to wrestling in “2-3 months”, although it is unknown if that will be with WWE, AEW or another promotion like Control Your Narrative.

“Absolutely not,” Rotunda said. “I’m not – I’m the furthest from ‘done with wrestling’ that you can possibly be. I spent the past year diving into a bunch of different ventures outside of wrestling. But wrestling has never left my heart, not for one second.

“I just wanted to get a couple things done before I dive back in and do something that I really cared about. And now that I got everything kinda wrapped up and working on, um, within the next 2-3 months you’ll see me back in the ring somewhere very soon because the love of wrestling has never left me and I’ve always known I was coming back to it soon. But I just needed to get some other stuff done. But I’ll be back in the ring really, really soon. I promise.”

Is Bo Dallas Uncle Howdy?

Upon Bray Wyatt’s return to the WWE in October 6th, 2022, many eagle eyed fans think they have spotted Bo Dallas back in the company.

Alongside Bray Wyatt, with his new persona, came a demonic ally of his. This man was name Uncle Howdy, although very little of his backstory has been explained.

Uncle Howdy has looked different in his many appearances, but his most important one came during the awful Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match at the 2023 Royal Rumble.

After Bray Wyatt beat LA Knight in the terrible match, LA Knight was placed on the stage, where Uncle Howdy leapt from the rafters and came crashing down upon him.

Uncle Howdy is rumoured to be Bo Dallas, and he will likely play a big part in Bray Wyatt’s WWE run going forward.

However, it has not been confirmed if it is Bo Dallas or not, so we’re not yet 100% what happened to him after his WWE release.

Bo Dallas is currently in a relationship with Liv Morgan, with the pair living on a farm together.

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