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Hamish Woodward

Donald Trump’s Best Moments In WWE, Ranked

Former US President Donald Trump is in the news for his exploits fairly regularly, but he should be more known for his time in the WWE. He has been in the public eye for decades, and is most famous as the host of “The Apprentice” (before his ill-fated spell as the most powerful leader in ...

Hamish Woodward

That Time Donald Trump Bought WWE and Investors Freaked Out

At this point, everybody knows that wrestling isn’t real, and things that happen on the TV shows shouldn’t be taken seriously. When corpses are defiled, babies punted into the crowd or characters die on screen, everybody knows that its just a TV show (well, almost). However, when Donald Trump showed up on a 2009 episode ...

Hamish Woodward

will bret hart wrestle again

Will Bret Hart Wrestle Again? “The Hitman” Reveals All

Will Bret Hart ever wrestle again? The true answer may shock you! Since his last match in 2011, fans has come to terms with the fact that Bret Hart would never wrestle again. The Hitman’s last match was against Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez, while tagging with John Cena, on an episode of Monday ...

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