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Hamish Woodward

The Reason Why Ezekiel Jackson Was The Last ECW Champion Ever

Ezekiel Jackson curiously defeated Christian on the 16 February 2010 episode of ECW to become the final ever ECW Champion. Christian was one of the rebooted Extreme Championship Wrestling’s best champions and was hoping to keep the title beyond the closure of the company. However, WWE decided to give Ezekiel Jackson, a lower-midcarder throughout his ...

Hamish Woodward

What Was The Last Match In ECW (Original & Reboot)?

Extreme Championship Wrestling took the wrestling world by storm in the 1990s. The Paul Heyman-ran promotion built up a cult following, up against the might of the WWE and WCW, during the Attitude Era. It inspired both companies in their storytelling and in-ring action, and we would not have modern wrestling today without Paul Heyman’s ...

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