Jim Ross

Jim Ross explains why Hulk Hogan vs Terry Funk didn’t happen on pay per view

Hamish Woodward

WWE has always prided itself on being the place where the biggest dream matches happen, with Terry Funk vs Hulk ...

Jim Ross had to convince Vince McMahon to sign Steve Austin after WCW exit

Hamish Woodward

Jim Ross had to convince Vince McMahon to let him sign Steve Austin in 1995, despite the incredible talent he ...

Why Some WWE Commentators Know Which Wrestler Will Win, While Others Don’t

Hamish Woodward

In the WWE, the commentators are crucial to the presentation of professional wrestling. Whether it two or three commentators in ...

Why Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan Never Happened In The WWE

Hamish Woodward

There is no bigger dream match that fans never got to see than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan. ...

Bryan Danielson Is “A Gift To The Business”, Says Jim Ross

Hamish Woodward

Jim Ross has heaped praise on Bryan Danielson, calling the former WWE Champion “a gift to the business”. The WWE ...

Jeff Hardy Couldn’t Be Trusted To Be Top Heel In WWE, JR Claims

Hamish Woodward

Jeff Hardy is an enigma in wrestling. The former WWE Champion possesses something that very few have had in the ...

rey mysterio debut

Rey Mysterio’s WWE Debut Took A Long Time To Come

Hamish Woodward

Rey Mysterio‘s WWE debut introduced a new set of fans to one of the greatest Mexican wrestlers of all time. ...

The True Story Behind Steve Austin Walking Out The WWE

Hamish Woodward

2002 was not the best time for Steve Austin. The Texas Rattlesnake wrestled Scott Hall in a disappointing match at ...

Jim Ross Fired

The Shocking Reason WWE Fired Jim Ross Revealed

Hamish Woodward

WWE let go of Jim Ross in 2014, after decades of loyal service as the undisputed voice of wrestling. He ...

Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero Is “Most Talented In-Ring Performer” Of All Time

Hamish Woodward

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has named Eddie Guerrero as the “most talented in-ring performer” in WWE history, in ...

Hardcore Holly Hall of Fame

Hardcore Holly WONT Be In WWE Hall Of Fame, Says Jim Ross

Hamish Woodward

Hardcore Holly is one of the longest serving wrestlers in WWE history. He wrestled for the company between 1994 and ...

Chris Jericho New Japan Pro Wrestling

Chris Jericho Reveals Impact On NJPW Sales After Wrestle Kingdom Debut

Hamish Woodward

Chris Jericho‘s NJPW appearance in 2017 caused shockwaves in the wrestling word and was ultimately the catalyst that eventually led ...

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