Kenta Kobashi

Kenta Kobashi Only Used The Diamond Head Finisher One

Hamish Woodward

While he is best known for finishers like the Moonsault, or Burning Hammer, Kenta Kobashi has another super finisher that ...

The Truth Behind Kenta Kobashi’s Retirement From Wrestling

Hamish Woodward

Kenta Kobashi is one of the all-time great wrestlers, and 2023 marks 10 years since her retired from wrestling for ...

Guide To The Four Pillars of Heaven In AJPW/NOAH

Hamish Woodward

With the Four Pillars of AEW taking over wrestling in the United States, it’s important to look back at the ...

Every Burning Hammer Kenta Kobashi Every Hit

Hamish Woodward

The Burning Hammer has gone down in infamy as one of the most dangerous moves in pro-wrestling history. Used only ...

Samoa Joe Talks Match With Kenta Kobashi – “He Thought He Would Be Booed”

Hamish Woodward

When it comes to professional wrestling, there are few matches that generate as much excitement and anticipation as Samoa Joe ...

How Misawa vs Kobashi ALMOST Happened In ECW

Stewart Harper

Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi had one of the all-time great series of matches across All-Japan Pro Wrestling and Pro-Wrestling ...

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