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Hamish Woodward

Sabu ECW

Sabu Botches In ECW Were On Purpose To Trick Fans

Sabu is an ECW legend and is considered a pioneer of wrestling in the 1990s. His death-defying style with no disregard for his own safety led to him becoming one of the most popular wrestlers in ECW and is a former ECW World Heavyweight Champion. His extreme style mixing hardcore and high flying earned Sabu ...

Hamish Woodward

Chris Jericho Retirement

Chris Jericho Reveals Retirement Plans And Final Match Idea

Former WWE and AEW Champion Chris Jericho‘s retirement has been on the minds of fans for years, hoping that this year will not be the final one for Le Champion. Being 51 years of age, time is not on the side for Chris Jericho. However, the end of his illustrious career may not been as ...

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