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Hamish Woodward

Mike Awesome’s Last Match Was One Of His Best Ever

Former ECW Champion Mike Awesome wrestled his final match in 2005, and it turned out to be the best of his entire career. Awesome passed away in 2007, two years after retiring from wrestling after his last match. His career was filled with controversies, many stemming from his move from WCW to ECW. All was ...

Hamish Woodward

Eric Bischoff Reveals What Happened To Mike Awesome In WCW

Despite leaving ECW as the World Champion, Mike Awesome floundered in WCW with a series of failed gimmicks. He left ECW in controversial circumstances, signing a big-money deal with WCW with the promise to become a big star in the company. He quickly joined the “New Blood” faction in WCW, before Mike Awesome was handed ...

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