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Stewart Harper

What If Tommy Dreamer Killed Paul Heyman At WrestleMania X7?

In one of the most shocking confessions ever, Tommy Dreamer revealed that he wanted to murder Paul Heyman at WrestleMania X7. He planned to run into the ring and shoot the former ECW boss, before turning the gun on himself live on pay per view. You can read the full details of the planned murder ...

Hamish Woodward

Tommy Dreamer Wanted A Sniper To Shoot Him In ECW

Tommy Dreamer wanted a sniper to shoot him during an ECW angle, and had to be talked out of it by an ECW legend. While there were always some crazy things going on in the heyday of ECW, nothing comes close to the insanity that was Dreamer’s death wish that would have surely caused the ...

Hamish Woodward

vince mcmahon hall of fame

Predicting WWE’s Hall of Fame Class Of 2024

One of the most thrilling highlights during WrestleMania weekend is the WWE’s annual Hall of Fame ceremony, a night dedicated to paying tribute and showing reverence to the iconic figures in the wrestling industry. Each year, WWE gathers some of the most legendary stars to have ever graced the squared circle, providing fans and their ...

Hamish Woodward

How Bob Backlund Inspired Tommy Dreamer To Become A Wrestler

Tommy Dreamer was inspired by Bob Backlund, with the former WWE Champion being the reason he stepped into the ring for the first time. Tommy Dreamer’s career looks to be coming to an end, with the ECW legend having spent over three decades in the professional wrestling business. The former ECW Champion made a name ...

Hamish Woodward

Eddie Kingston Is The New Tommy Dreamer? He Doesn’t Think So

While he has been compared to many stars, like Dusty Rhodes, Eddie Kingston has recently drawn comparisons to another legend of the ring. With his incredible support from the crowd as the “Everyman” wrestler, Eddie Kingston has similarities with ECW legend Tommy Dreamer. Both are New Yorkers, but share much more inside the ring. Dreamer, ...

Hamish Woodward

Tommy Dreamer Claims Dusty Rhodes “Was My Idol”

If there were ever two legends in wrestling who were so different, yet so similar, it would be Tommy Dreamer and Dusty Rhodes. Both men are legends in the business, and two of the most likeable faces to ever wrestle. However, Dusty Rhodes was a star in the 1970s and 1980s, travelling the world as ...

Hamish Woodward

Raven WWE Hall of Fame

Raven Wont Be In WWE Hall Of Fame, ECW Legend Claims

ECW Legend Raven was recently inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame, as a tribute to his many successful years working in the company. He wrestled in TNA for eight successful years, becoming the NWA World Heavyweight Champion once as a footnote to his glittering career. However, the man himself does not think a WWE ...

Hamish Woodward


Tommy Dreamer’s First & Last Matches In The WWE

Tommy Dreamer is a legend of pro-wrestling. An icon of ECW in their heyday, he transitioned to being a good worker in the WWE, a champion in the rebooted ECW and a fine backstage agent in TNA. He has a wealth of experience under his belt and has worked under more interesting regimes than most ...

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