Toshiaki Kawada

Guide To The Four Pillars of Heaven In AJPW/NOAH

With the Four Pillars of AEW taking over wrestling in the United States, it’s important to look back at the ...

Hamish Woodward

Toshiaki Kawada Retired Due To Misawa’s Death In 2010

Toshiki Kawada retired at the age of 47, long before most Japanese wrestlers hang up their boots. However, his age ...

Hamish Woodward

Toshiaki Kawada Could Come Out Of Retirement For Match Against Taichi

Toshiaka Kawada could come out of retirement for one last match, after a challenge from NJPW’s Taichi. As one of ...

Hamish Woodward

The Origin Of The Gap In Toshiaki Kawada’s Teeth

Toshiaki Kawada is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, with his missing teeth giving him one of the ...

Hamish Woodward

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