Toshiaki Kawada Could Come Out Of Retirement For Match Against Taichi

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Toshiaka Kawada could come out of retirement for one last match, after a challenge from NJPW’s Taichi.

As one of the “Four Pillars of Heaven”, Kawada is considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

His matches with Misawa, Kobashi and Taue rank among the best ever, and he inspired countless modern-day wrestlers with his in-ring style.

One of these men is Eddie Kingston, who met his hero recently thanks to a documentary filmed by New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Kingston met Kawada in his ramen noodle restaurant, the business he went into after retiring from wrestling in 2010.

Toshiaki Kawada retired following the death Mitsuharu Misawa, citing his loss of love for wrestling as the reason he stepped away from the ring at the age of 47.

However, Kawada could be tempted out of retirement for one more match, thanks to a challenge by NJPW star Taichi.

During a show in October 2022 that had Kawada on commentary, Taichi left the ring to confront the retired legend.

Taichi confronted his former mentor at NJPW Battle Autumn, during his match against SANADA in the NJPW World TV Championship tournament.

During the match, he slid out to ringside and questioned whether or not Kawada ever official retired.

He then told the All-Japan legend to “get in shape”, challenging him to a match to finally put him into retirement.

You never officially retired right? I want to wrestle you before you do. Get in shape!

Taichi challenges Kawada to a match in New Japan

Sadly, nearly one year later, Kawada has not accepted the challenge of his trainee.

While Taichi was trained by the legend, Kawada seems to hold no stock in a match against his former student, and is happy remaining retired from in-ring action.

It was the death of his rival Mitsuharu Misawa which caused Toshiaki Kawada to retire from wrestling, and you can read more about that by clicking the link below.

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