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Hamish Woodward

Why WWE Banned Samoa Joe’ Musclebuster, Revealed

Samoa Joe is one of the biggest missed opportunities in the WWE. Injuries at the wrong time stopped him from getting a big push, despite impressing in everything he did. His feuds with Finn Balor, Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles, in particular, showcased how he was a top, top talent in the WWE. His promos ...

Hamish Woodward

How Samoa Joe Ended Tyson Kidd’s Career With One Move

Injuries are a fact of life in professional wrestling. While it’s always devastating to see a wrestler get hurt, sometimes the injuries are so severe that they end a wrestler’s career prematurely. That was the case with Tyson Kidd, who suffered a serious injury at the hands of Samoa Joe that forced him to retire ...

Hamish Woodward

Tyson Kidd On Returning To The Ring: “Never Say Never”

In professional wrestling, injuries are a common occurrence, and most wrestlers know the risks associated with their job. But sometimes, an injury can be so severe that it changes the course of a wrestler’s life forever. That was the case for Tyson Kidd, who suffered a career-ending injury during a match in 2015. The star ...

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