Chris Jericho Reveals Gun Was Pulled On Him During Mexico Tour

Hamish Woodward

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Chris Jericho is the ROH Champion and AEW’s biggest star, joining the company in 2019 after a hall of fame-worthy career in the WWE for 19 years. However before that he had to work his way up to being a worldwide star, slogging his way through the independent scene in Canada, America, Japan and Mexico.

His trips to Mexico were always full of incredible stories. He details many of them in his first book “A Lion’s Tale“, like how he found his character of “The Lionheart” in Mexico and grew as a performer, catching the eye of the Japanese stars and earning himself a trip East to wrestle with his hero Ultimo Dragon.

He also revealed a new tale about his time down south. The former WWE Champion worked for companies like CMLL in Mexico, under the name Corazon De Leon (Lion Heart in Spanish), as a blonde haired babyface who the fans took into their hearts as their favourite Canadian star. You can see Chris Jericho on the front of a Mexican wrestling magazine below;

He had a great time in Mexico, but it was not without it’s troubles. Known for a trouble with organised crime, he had to be on full guard whenever going out at night in the city. Obviously being young and in a new country for the first time, Chris Jericho’s Mexican adventures did not always go to plan, however.

During the latest episode of Talk is Jericho, Chris Jericho talks about Mexico, meeting a girl in a bar who invited him back to her place, along with her “brother”. Predictably, he was relieved of his money after they held up Chris Jericho at gunpoint and left him stranded in the middle of nowhere.

“So, I’m looking across the table at this girl, and she’s kind of looking at me, she’s giving me the look, the kind of like, ‘Hi!’ … She’s looking at me and she’s waving, so I go over there all suave and debonair. I’m twenty-two years old, and I sit down and start using my amazing Spanish to talk to her, and she’s sitting with her friend who she says is her brother.”

“We get into a car … I’m sitting in the back with this girl. We become fast friends, swapping spit and making out in the back of the car, and I’m noticing, like, if you close your eyes, you can see bright lights, but now they are intermittent, they’re flashing, and I look, and I realize, we’re kind of going outside of town like out in the middle of nowhere … I’m like, ‘Where the f**k is this party?’ Finally, after about thirty minutes, they pulled over on the side of the road, and she gets out of the car, and the guy turns around and pulls a gun out into my face.” 

Chris Jericho gave them all the money he had, before he was dumped out of the car as the pair drove off, laughing. He never made it to the party and learnt a hard lesson in trusting random women in Mexican bars, especially those who bring their brothers.

You can pick up a copy of Chris Jericho’s book “A Lion’s Tale” by click the link down below.

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