Every CM Punk AEW Figure Released So Far

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Why did AEW fire CM Punk?

CM Punk has had many action figures over the years, but this article will focus solely on his ones that were made specifically for his time in All Elite Wrestling. With it looking like he is soon to be fired from AEW for the “Brawl Out” situation that occurred with The Elite, it is likely future figures announced will be scrapped and the action figures listed below will be the only AEW figure releases for CM Punk.

The list of CM Punk AEW figures below features four different variants of the “Second City Saint” – one standard figure, one chase variant and two retailer exclusives. These all differ wildly in price and availability so you may have to trawl through listings online to find what you are looking for. Below may also feature links to Amazon listings for the figures and we may take a cut if you purchase anything through those links.

Unmatched Collection Series 4 #25 CM Punk (2022)

Promotion: All Elite Wrestling

Release Date: 2022

The first CM Punk figure released after his incredible AEW debut in August 2021. The former WWE Champion appeared from a seven year hiatus from wrestling to make his AEW Debut during the AEW Rampage: The Last Dance episode, opening the show to a massive pop and record-breaking viewers, who had a sneaking suspicion he may return to the ring that night.

His first figure release came based on the attire he wore for his first match back in wrestling for 7 years at AEW All Out 2021. In that match, he wore long tights (something he never did in WWE) and an accompanying black jacket. This was the in-ring attire the figure was based on. The black jacket is also inscribed with the word “Larry” – the name of CM Punk’s dog – and has his photo on the back of it.

Unmatched Collection Series 4 #30 CM Punk [Chase Edition]

Promotion: All Elite Wrestling

Release Date: 2022

The special “Chase Edition” CM Punk figure was release alongside the AEW All Out 2021 action figure. It is a 1 in 5000 variant that depicts Punk in a different attire, although with the same accessories (hands, microphone). This CM Punk AEW figure features the “Best in the World” in his classic short trunks – a look which he used for years during his time in both WWE and AEW.

The figure is much rarer and therefore goes for a higher price for collectors. Some can be expected to pay upwards of $100 for the figure, although prices will vary from collector to collector.

Unrivaled Collection Ringside Exclusive #93 “The First Dance” CM Punk

Promotion: All Elite Wrestling

Release Date: 2022

The first retailer-exclusive figure on this list if the Ringside Collectables exclusive figure from CM Punk’s AEW debut. “The First Dance” figure features the Chicago wrestler exactly as he was on August 20, 2021 in the United Center in his hometown of Chicago.

The Action Figure features Punk in black trousers, his AEW “Best in the World Shirt” and trainers. The figure comes with a custom ice-cream bar accessory and is held in a unique white box with an ice-cream bar-shaped window to view the figure through. It is a unique item and can be found for $44.99 on Amazon. You can click here to see the listing or click the image below

Unrivaled Collection Walmart Exclusive #89 CM Punk

Promotion: All Elite Wrestling

Release Date: 2022

This Walmart Exclusive Variant is a similar figure to the basic CM Punk one. It features a plan jacket with “AEW” printed on it this time, without the photo of Larry on the back. It also features a microphone and has Punk in his classic short tights look, which differs from the “Long Boys” in the non-exclusive edition.

This figure can only be found at Walmart by may be available through third party sellers on sites like Ebay.

What is your favourite CM Punk figure in this list? Let us know in the comments below or click down there to read more about CM Punk’s time wrestling in AEW.

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