FTR Have Been Removed From AEW Fight Forever Video Game

Hamish Woodward

FTR removed from AEW Fight Forever Video Game

A report from Fightful Select revealed that Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler, also known as the tag team FTR have been removed from the AEW Fight Forever Video.

This is a puzzling decision for the developers Yukes, as they have had plenty of time to add the ROH, AAA and IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, given that they debuted in AEW in May 2020. They are former AEW Tag Team Champions and have been huge part of AEW Dynamite and the accompanying pay per views since their debut in the company.

The report from Fightful Select stated;

Sources connected to the game ¬†that we heard from wouldn’t confirm how far into the game FTR were still included, but Fightful first gained word earlier this summer.

It was stated that they at least made it to the “model phase” of the game, however. We’re told that FTR were informed of the call, and weren’t too happy about it, as being involved in video games usually also comes with a significant bonus.

We’re told that they were originally set to be included in the game, but by Spring of 2022, had been removed

ftr leaving aew
FTR are not happy being removed from the first ever AEW Video Game

It is clear from the report that the pair were set to be included in the game but were removed late on in development, likely due to time constraints. With the game set to be released next year, it’s possible that the characters were not ready in time and will not be a part of AEW Fight Forever.

Click below to watch gameplay footage recently released from AEW Fight Forever.

FTR are not in AEW Fight Forever from launch, but will likely be added in further updates once their characters have been finalised with the team, including Kenny Omega.

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