MJF and Cody Rhodes talk “To This Day”, claims “Cody Rhodes is a Sweetheart”

Hamish Woodward

mjf cody rhodes

MJF and Cody Rhodes were best friends turned bitter enemies in the early days of AEW. MJF would accompany Rhodes during his big match, like his bout with Shawn Spears at AEW All Out 2019, and was a firm friend to the man he called “The Roller-Codster”.

However, MJF would turn on Cody Rhodes during his match with Chris Jericho at Full Gear 2019. He would throw in the towel on behalf of Rhodes, costing him the AEW Championship and the chance to ever challenge for the title ever again.

To rub salt in the wounds, after the match he kicked Cody Rhodes in the balls and MJF solidified himself as one of the biggest heels in wrestling. The pair would feud for the next few months, which included cage matches and Rhodes receiving ten lashes from MJF’s belt, before a blow off match at AEW Revolution 2020 saw MJF come out as the winner of the match.

However, the relationship between MJF and Cody Rhodes seemed to have bloomed since those dark days in 2020…

MJF and Cody Rhodes

mjf and cody rhodes

MJF returned to “Barstool Rasslin’s” podcast this week, talking about his career, AEW, WWE, his feud with Wardlow and many other things related to the world of wrestling.

One topic that he spoke quite passionately about was his relationship with former AEW wrestler and TNT Champion Cody Rhodes. Rhodes left AEW in February, being one of the biggest AEW wrestlers released from the company in it’s history.

He would go on to debut for WWE at Wrestlemania 38, beating Seth Rollins in the match of the night. He has since wrestled multiple times and is undefeated in WWE, although that has not affected Cody Rhodes relationship with MJF.

MJF said about his relationship with Cody Rhodes;

“We still talk sometimes to this day. Cody Rhodes is a sweetheart. He texted my parents and offered them tickets for the Long Island show for SmackDown. They couldn’t go. They were busy, but I mean, it was very sweet of him to do. Have you seen his baby? What a cute baby.”

MJF has recently been unhappy in AEW, and there have been rumours that MJF is leaving AEW to move to WWE once his contract expires in 2024. Fightful Select have reported that he is leaning towards moving to WWE in the future, although if MJF is working the wrestling journalists is unknown and has a good chance of being the case.

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