MJF Reveals WWE Backstage Interaction with John Cena & Finn Balor

MJF has never been quiet about wanting to leave AEW. He yelled at Tony Khan during an intense in-ring promo to “F****** FIRE ME!” before taking a 4 month hiatus from wrestling. When he returned, he was paid even more money by AEW but still threatened to move to WWE once his deal ran out in 2024.

However, he has appeared in WWE before. The most famous appearance of his was as Samoa Joe’s bodyguard at NXT Takeover Brooklyn II. However, he has been backstage in the promotion a number of times as an extra, starting when he was just 18 years of age (he claims).

He revealed recently that he helped one of the top stars to work on his look for the show and met one of the biggest stars in the history of the business – John Cena.


During an interview with Brandon F. Walker of Barstool Rasslin’, MJF revealed his time backstage in WWE where he met two top stars in the company – Finn Balor and John Cena.

When asked if he had met John Cena before by Walker, the Salt of the Earth superstar revealed that he had one brief interaction with The Champ, while helping out Finn Balor while working as an extra in WWE. He also threw shade at Darby Allin, whom he wrestled in an incredible match at AEW Full Gear 2021.

When asked if he had met John Cena before, MJF answered;

“I met him one time really uh it was back in the day I was 18. I was doing extra work for WWE and they wanted to paint me up like Finn Balor because they were trying to figure out what his paint should look like for the show, so they painted me up.

They took they took a photo of me and Finn Balor comes into the room. He was like ‘Yeah this is good’ and I was like ‘This is wild’. Like what a what a wild concept interaction like couldn’t you guys have just like did like a mock drawing like a cartoon dummy! Quite literally, [I’m] the paint dummy for Finn Balor!

Now I’d imagine I’d probably make a lot more money that was fine so that’s why it’s not important. Finn’s a great guy. Finn’s a great guy. So, I leave the room and I wash off as much of it as I can, but obviously I’m doing extra work so I showed up in a suit so the only thing I was wearing was dress pants and dress shoes.

Then my upper [body] I’m not wearing anything and there’s just smudge painting – faded makeup. Basically I looked like Darby Allin and you never want to look like Darby Allin. So obviously [John] Cena looked at me and he was like ‘Interesting. Interesting choice of clothes’ and I said ‘Thank you John’ and I walked away and that was our interaction.”

You can listen to the full interview here or click the embedded video below

MJF currently hold the Casino Chip which entitles him to an AEW Championship match. Whether he is able to “cash in” a la the Money in the Bank contract is yet to be seen, but he is likely to face the winner of Bryan Danielson vs Jon Moxley at AEW Grand Slam 2022 this Wednesday on Dynamite.

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