Orange Cassidy Is “Same As Rey Mysterio” Claims William Regal

Orange Cassidy has been compared with WWE Legend Rey Mysterio by former AEW star William Regal, as the English star heaped praise on the All-Atlantic Champion. Cassidy has taken the wrestling world by storm since 2019 when he debuted in the Casino Battle Royal in 2019.

He since aligned himself with the Best Friends and became one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. His merchandise became some of the best selling in the history of AEW and he had incredible feuds with top stars like PAC, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho. He recently defeated PAC for the All-Atlantic Championship, his first title win since signing for AEW. He previously wrestled under a mask as Fire Ant for Chikara but finally broke out as a star with his Orange Cassidy Gimmick.

One man who has been very impressed with Orange Cassidy is William Regal. On his Gentleman Villain podcast, the former AEW star compared him to Rey Mysterio, because he would be so easy to wrestle and put on a great story with. He also said that he would be able to make somebody like Cassidy “into a somebody better than” and “as good of a good guy as anyone”.

“As soon as I saw Rey Mysterio, I was saying “Please, put me on with him.” No different than now, although I’m not wrestling, if I see Orange Cassidy. “Please, put me on with him.” Cos I’ll make him into a somebody better than … and if this offends people, great. That’s their problem. I could make him into as good of a good guy as anyone. Knowing the skillset that I know. And I’d be happy to wrestle [Orange]. Rey Mysterio was the same. Perfect for me. Soon as I saw Evan Bourne [Matt Sydal]? Perfect for me. Please put me on with him.”

“Somebody who the people have taken to their hearts. It’s very rare, ever, the people take a talent into their hearts. And they’ve taken him into their hearts. If you know how to manipulate that, and to tell the story with it, it’s easy as far as being a professional.”

Like Mysterio, he possesses an innate charisma that simply cannot be taught. Regal noticed this and requested to work with Freshly Squeezed in AEW, although we never got to see a Orange Cassidy vs Jon Moxley, or Orange Cassidy vs Bryan Danielson match in the company whilst he was there.

William Regal was the head of the Blackpool Combat Club until recently. He left AEW this past month to return to the WWE, which is now being run by his best friend Triple H. He has been given the title of Executive Vice President and will likely work behind the scenes as The Game’s Number Two, something which he did with great effect during the pair’s tenure in NXT.

Orange Cassidy trained as a high-flying, Lucha libre wrestler in his early days, adding even futher comparisons to Rey Mysterio, Would you like to see Rey Mysterio vs Orange Cassidy? Let us know in the comments or click below to read about why Orange Cassidy is so popular.

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