Paige reveals she will sign for AEW “if the money is right”

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This week, Paige announced on Twitter that she would be leaving WWE in July upon the expiry of her contract. In a heartfelt message to her fans, saying she was “thankful and appreciative” to WWE for all the help they had given her, from her journey as an 18 year old from England, to a WWE Divas Champion and through her troubles with neck injuries and alcohol issues.

She thanked them for “keeping her around for as long as they did” after a horrendous neck injury forced her to retire while still in her mid twenties, and said that she would love to return to WWE one day.

She went into more detail on her leaving WWE on her Twitch stream. During a recent stream on Twitch, Paige (now going by her real name of Saraya) revealed that it was WWE’s decision to not renew her deal and that she would have loved to remain with the company indefinitely.

“It is what it is. I’m not leaving because I want to, they just don’t want to re-sign my contract. I completely understand. There are no hard feelings.”

She did reveal however that WWE were keeping the door open in regards to a return to WWE for Paige. However, she was unsure if that was something they just say to everyone or if they actually meant it.

They are keeping the door open, both Vince and Johnny [John Laurinaitis] said they’ll keep the door open, but that’s usually what companies say.”

She noted that she does not have a no-compete clause with WWE, which could see Paige sign for AEW as soon as her contract with WWE expires on July 7th 2022.

Paige to AEW

paige aew

On her Twitch stream, Paige revealed that she would be open to signing for AEW. She would be a coup for All Elite Wrestling and would bring an experience and star power to the AEW women’s division that very few women could bring.

However, that would only be if she was cleared for in-ring action. While no doctor has cleared her to wrestle again, Paige revealed that her neck feels better than ever and she would be interested in returning to ring, no matter who she was wrestling for.

She mentioned on her Twitch stream that her neck is as “healthy I’ve been in my whole career”.

“It’s so healthy. I feel like I’m the most healthy I’ve been in my whole career. I feel I can compete again, 1000%,”

She also revealed that one company in particular she would sign for, if the circumstances were right. Paige to AEW has long been teased after other former WWE stars like Bryan Danielson and Christian Cage signed for the company, despite previously retiring from wrestling.

On her Twitch Stream, Paige mentioned that she would sign for AEW. She revealed that before he exit she pitched working with Ronda Rousey but was shot down by management, likely due to her injury status. Then she went on to say that Paige would sign for AEW if the money is right, and that she feels “1000%” despite not being cleared

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