Young Bucks AEW Contract Expiry Date Revealed Amid CM Punk Drama

The Young Bucks have been suspended by AEW and CM Punk’s contract could be terminated after a whirlwind All Out 2022. This has led many to speculate about the Young Bucks’ contract and how long the EVP’s of AEW have left on their deals.

The Young Bucks’ AEW Contract

However, Nick and Matt Jackson have clarified the length of their AEW contract and confirmed their deal expires in 2024. The Young Bucks contract expires in 2024 so they could be available to sign for WWE in two years, joining former Elite member Cody Rhodes in the Triple H led-promotion.

They joined All Elite Wrestling in 2019, being one of the first stars to sign with the brand new Tony Khan-led company. They were two of the most crucial members, alongside Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes, of the roster that helped get the company going and would be a huge loss if they were to walk away from the company.

Reports of the duo’s contract expiring in 2026 were shot down by the duo last year, when the pair tweeting out about their contract status. On their Twitter account, they said;

“[Contract signed emoji] till 2024. Let’s party for 2 more years!” The Young Bucks wrote, indicating that they had signed an extension on their deal until 2024.

Most AEW contract signed at the start of the company were for a standard three years. This is why the likes of Cody Rhodes and Stu Grayson’s deals ran out in 2022, with the pair signing in 2019. While some talent, like MJF, signed 5 year deals as stars to build for the future, The Young Bucks signed a three deal with a twist.

The Young Bucks wrestled in NJPW before AEW

During an episode of Being the Elite, Nick and Matt Jackson revealed that the three-year deal they signed in 2019 was effectively for five years, but as a three year guarantee, with the option for a two year rollover. This meant that Tony Khan could choose to extend the deal if he was happy with their performance or could ditch them after three years if their wrestling was not up to snuff.

During the episode of Being the Elite, The Young Bucks said about their contract rolling over;

Matt: “We had last week off. If you go back one episode ago, I blogged about how burnt out I was. It’s nice when you help run a company. You go, ‘I need some time off,’ I (get) some time off. ‘I want a raise,’ I give myself a raise. I want a two-year rollover, I get a two-year rollover.”

Nick: “I don’t know if that’s true, but part of it is. (Tony Khan) still has to finalize all of that, but we did (re-sign) for two.”

Matt: “Really, we didn’t re-anything, it was always a five-year deal, a three-year guarantee with a two-year rollover. The two-year rollover has been rolled over, so we are that much richer. We will be around this guy (Adam Cole), for at least two more years. It’s good to be bad. I have a pep in my step and feel good about myself. I’m ready to come here and not wrestle and just do pre-tapes.”

Luckily fans of the former AEW Tag Team Champions will get to enjoy two more years at least of the duo, despite their recent suspension from the company.

How Much Do The Young Bucks Make?

young bucks contract

The Young Bucks are reported to earn $2 million a year salary (each) for their work in All Elite Wrestling. The duo are the top tag team in the company and are considered two of the best wrestlers in the world and redefined tag team wrestling the world over.

They were some of the biggest merchandise earners in the world when they had their run on the independent scene and in New Japan, and continued to do so when moving to AEW. The $2 million salary does not include these, however, and only involves their work as wrestlers and Executive Vice Presidents in AEW.

The pair also released their first book “Killing the Business” in 2020 and instantly became one of the best selling wrestling books in the world. They are rumoured to be signing for WWE in 2024 for an even higher salary than they are paid by Tony Khan, but those reports are currently unconfirmed.

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