Brodus Clay Reveals Reason WWE Fired Him In 2014

Brodus Clay has revealed his horrible attitude is what got him fired by the WWE – 9 years after leaving the company.

The former Funkasaurus had a tough time in the WWE. He was saddled with a dancing gimmick, which famously never go well and never lead anywhere. His idea for a “Hall of Pain” was stolen by Mark Henry and he had his Wrestlemania matches cut not once, but two years running at Wrestlemania 28 and 29.

He teamed with Lord Tensai, Cameron and Naomi, with his team with Tensai being known as “Tons of Fun”, due to their immense weight and the fun they seemed to have in the ring. That could not have been further from the truth, as Clay noted how unhappy he was backstage in WWE which eventually led to his firing.

Former WWE Star Brodus Clay recently appeared on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet to discuss why he was fired by the WWE in 2013. The former Funkasaurus revealed that he bragged about how he could become an actor instead of being in the WWE and being bitter about losing his chance to wrestle at Wrestlemania 29.

“Probably the day I got fired from WWE for the second time was a turning point for me. During my last 3 months in WWE I was bitter and angry that my WrestleMania match was scrapped. The other guys, Cody and Dustin became Tag Team Champions, Tensai would become a coach, Sandow is Sandow, and I got the bag. It was a hard pill to swallow and I refused to swallow it. I was there like: ‘I could be an actor instead of being here’. If you say enough, those things spread and when the next round of layoffs comes, you get fired. “I got the call on my way to train at Hard Knocks South. He called me (Mark) Carrano. I remember sitting down and saying: ‘Okay, bigmouth, what do you have for me?’.

With the abhorrent attitude he presents himself with having during this interview, it is no surprise that Brodus Clay was fired by the WWE for his attitude backstage. Even worse, his arrogance was clearly misplaced as he floundered for years outside of the company before finally hitting it big by winning the NWA Championship in 2022.

Now wrestling as Tyrus, he is one of the most controversial champions in the company. He won the title in a three-way match with Trevor Murdhock and Matt Cardona and was not the obvious pick to win the match.

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