René Duprée On Goldberg: “He Was So Goddamn Dangerous In The Ring”

Former WWE Tag Team Champion René Duprée has joined Bret Hart in his distaste for WCW legend Bill Goldberg – labelling the star “so goddamn dangerous”.

Duprée was part of La Résistance in the WWE in the mid 2000s and was the youngest ever champion in WWE before being overtaken by Paige in 2014 (also Nicholas but lets just forget he ever existed). The Canadian star wrestled in the WWE until 2007, but has made waves recently with his often controversial podcast, named Cafe de Rene.

In the latest episode of the show, the topic of WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg came up. Duprée took shots at the two-time Universal champion for being a dangerous worker in the ring, a sentiment echoed (often and with increasing vitriol) by Bret “The Hitman” Hart, who was kicked in the head by Goldberg in WCW which was a big part of his forced retirement in 2000.

Speaking on his podcast, René Duprée said;

As far as talent, Goldberg, yeah, because he was so goddamn dangerous in the ring. But he wasn’t there long too. He didn’t even do house shows, man. I think he did one or two house show loops the whole time he was there. If you can get the deal, go for it. Good for you.

The only time the two appeared in the same match was during the 2004 Royal Rumble, so he has very little first hand experience of Goldberg in the WWE.

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