DDP’s Last Match In Wrestling Made Him One Of The Oldest Ever

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Diamond Dallas Page is a legend in wrestling for a variety of reasons. He started his in ring career at age 35, after years of working in nightclubs and bars. He worked harder than anyone else and managed to become a world champion many times over. He is a legend of WCW and one of the companies top stars ever. He won multiple WCW Championships and had some legendary matches against the likes of Sting, Goldberg and Hulk Hogan.

His time in WWE was short and he was not treated as well as he should have been. He left 2 years after he joined, almost retiring due to injuries. He spent some time in TNA before returning for one more run in WWE where he would have his last match in the company.

DDP’s Last WWE Match

DDP’s last match in WWE was at Wrestlemania 32, when he was a surprise entrant in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He was a surprise entrant in the 30 man over-the-top rope spectacle, entering in the third edition of the match. It made it’s debut at Wrestlemania 30, where Cesaro last eliminated The Big Show to earn himself the inaugural trophy.

A big group of wrestlers entered the ring to the generic Wrestlemania music – this included Tatanka, who was meant to have a big entrance but confused in the back. This was followed by the big stars and surprise entrants. Sheamus and The Big Show heard their music played as they walked down the aisle, as did former NBA player Shaq as he was making his debut in the WWE.

When the fans heard the loud “BANG!” followed by “It’s Me, It’d DDP” fill the arena, they got off their feet and lost their minds. He sauntered the ring as only he could, as he took in the incredible crowd reaction. He didn’t look out of place in the ring with stars 30 years his junior and he stepped back into a WWE ring at age 60.

He hit a series of Diamond Cutters and brawled with fellow legend Tatanka, before being eliminated by Konnor, from the Ascension.

DDP has not wrestled in the WWE for over a decade until he appeared in the Royal Rumble the year prior. He put on an impressive performance being being thrown out of the ring by Rusev. However, he did manage to hit some innovative Diamond Cutters on Stardust, Bray Wyatt and Fandango.

He Wrestled His Last Match Ever In AEW

DDP wrestled his last match ever at AEW Bash at the Beach when he teamed with Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall to take on the team of MJF and Butcher & the Blade. DDP was in great shape for a man of 63, and hit all his spots including some creative ways to hit the Diamond Cutter, and a dive from the top rope to the outside.

Despite being 63 years of age, years of DDP Yoga helped keep his body in great shape and helped him pull off a fun match despite being one of the oldest wrestlers ever to wrestle in AEW. He stayed on the outside for the majority of the match and was only tagged in at the end. He hit Diamond Cutters on all three men in the match and even hit an impressive dive from the top rope onto a heap of bodies on the outside of the ring.

Sadly, his last match ended in defeat when Diamond Dallas Page was recovering on the outside. MJF, who had mocked DDP prior to the match, rolled up QT Marshall for a quick pin fall victory to end DDP’s incredible career on a loss. It is customary to “go out on your back” and suffer defeat in your last bout in pro-wrestling, and with someone as selfless as DDP it seemed like a no-brainer.

Nobody expected that level of commitment from the former WCW Champion, although he has famously kept himself in excellent shape since his retirement. He helped design his own form of yoga called DDP Yoga (formerly YRG Yoga) which has helped many people, including Page, get back to their physical prime and do things they never thought they’d do before.

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