DDP’s WWE Debut Should Have Been Against The Rock, Not The Undertaker

Hamish Woodward

Diamond Dallas Page is a former WCW Champion and current WWE Hall of Famer. Despite not starting wrestling until he ...

DDP vs The Rock

Revealing Why The Rock vs DDP Never Happened in WWE

Hamish Woodward

Diamond Dallas Page was destined to face The Rock in 2001, when WWE bought out WCW and started the now ...

DDP’s Last Match In Wrestling Made Him One Of The Oldest Ever

Hamish Woodward

Diamond Dallas Page is a legend in wrestling for a variety of reasons. He started his in ring career at ...

DDP vs Randy Orton

DDP Returning To Wrestling For Match Against Randy Orton?

Hamish Woodward

Do you think DDP should wrestle Randy Orton in WWE? WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page, or DDP, hasn’t ...

Is Hangman Adam Page related to Diamond Dallas Page (DDP)?

Hamish Woodward

In recent weeks, Hangman Adam Page has proved himself to be a great AEW Champion. He defeated Bryan Danielson on ...

Top 10 Oldest Wrestlers to Wrestle For AEW

Hamish Woodward

AEW has been known for highlighting some of the top young stars in wrestling. Whether it be showcasing Hook vs ...

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