DDP Reveals Rib Injury In WCW Was Caused By Randy Savage

Hamish Woodward

Diamond Dallas Page, or DDP, was known for his constantly taped up ribs during his time in WCW.

Finally, he has revealed the reason, after decades of speculation, telling the world the culprit for his injury.

Posting from his official Reddit account, the former WCW Champion submitted a video of him from WCW Monday Nitro.

The clip saw him taking a diving elbow drop from “Macho Man” Randy Savage, with the full force of the elbow landing on his sternum.

He suffered broken ribs and a kidney injury, but carried on wrestling in his fued against the former WWE Champion.

DDP wrote on his reddit post.

“And you wonder why my ribs and back were always taped up! I PISSED BLOOD for the duration of my feud with Randy from these elbows.

My kidneys and ribs were trashed, doctors insisted I take time off, but of course I’m not gonna dip out on THIS….stupid yeah but my dreams were the only thing that mattered at that point in time (of which I knew was limited!). I gave everything I had to give in that ring, and wouldn’t you know….

one of the Greatest Of All Time, Macho Man Randy Savage, decides himself to put me over. NO REGRETS. “Man this FAKE stuff really hurts!!!” DDP”

He then added “I literally felt like I was gonna vomit out all my vital organs for 3 months bro”

You can read the full reddit post by clicking this link

He also recently spoke about DDP’s taped ribs, in an interview with Sean Ross Sapp, of Fightful.

“It’s funny because I literally was pissing blood for thirteen out of fifteen weeks and it was because Randy was dropping that elbow across me. He lands right on your ribs. I was like, ‘Randy, can you just land a little lower and land on my stomach?’

“That was a pay-per-view, the second one, he was going to go over in, where Randy hit me with the belt. Scott gave me his finish and then Randy came off the top and gave me and he landed on my face that time.

Macho MAN Randy Savage was the reason why DDP taped his ribs for all those years.

Due to how banged up his body was Savage could no longer protect his opponent when hitting them with his signature.

They took the brunt of the impact on the diving elbow drop, which is why Diamond Dallas Page had to tape his ribs so often in WCW.

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