Every Edge Wrestlemania Main Event Match Ranked

Hamish Woodward

Edge main evented Wrestlemania twice in his incredible WWE career. For somebody who wrestled in huge WWE matches for over 25 years, he should have had many more chances to end the biggest show at the WWE’s biggest event of the year.

His dream of becoming a professional wrestler lead him to some incredible places and huge matches, both as a singles star and as part of a tag team with his long-time friend Christian. The pair won multiple tag team titles and are considered two of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time.

However, his dream was cruelly taken away from him in 2011. Edge was forced to retire from wrestling due to a neck injury. He stayed out of the ring for nine years before miraculously being cleared by doctors to return to the ring.

He came back at the 2020 Royal Rumble to one of the biggest pops ever, much to the surprise of everybody watching at home or in the arena. He did one better the year after, winning the Royal Rumble match and earning Edge his first Wrestlemania main event in 13 years.

Here are all of Edge’s Wrestlemania main events ranked from the best to worst.

Edge Wrestlemania Main Events

2. vs Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns (Wrestlemania 37)

The second best Edge Wrestlemania main event match was the Wrestlemania 37 bout between Edge, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. Roman Reigns entered the match almost a year into his Universal Championship reign and looked unstoppable in his quest to retain the championship with the odds stacked out of his favour.

Edge returned to the WWE after an injury layoff to win the 2021 Royal Rumble match, entering at number 1 and lasting all the way to the end to victory. He won his second Royal Rumble match, becoming one of a few men to have multiple Royal Rumble victories under his belt.

He didn’t wrestle in the Wrestlemania main event after his first rumble win in 2010 but made up for it by appearing in the shows last match in 2021. At Wrestlemania 37 he wrestled against Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship in the main event of the show. This was his first main event in 13 years and a huge comeback statement for Edge.

The three men were locked in a heated rivalry and it showed with their performance in the Wrestlemania 37 main event. They were all on the top of their game and Edge did not show any ring rust after two major injures kept him out of the ring for a decade.

All three men gave their all to an incredible main event. Roman Reigns won a brilliant match after stacking Edge on top of Daniel Bryan, pinning both at the same time in one of the most dominant performances in Wrestlemania history. To pin not one, but two living legends at their peak was something nobody expected.

Despite being an absolutely brilliant match, it was only the second best Wrestlemania main event match of Edges career.

1. vs The Undertaker (Wrestlemania 24)

The best Edge Wrestlemania main event match was the main event of Wrestlemania 24 between The Undertaker and Edge. Edge walked into the event as the World Heavyweight Champion and had cheated his way to keep the title multiple times over the past year,

This match had everything in it to make it one of the best Wrestlemania matches of all time. The fans could not have been more invested in the story of The Undertaker vs Edge, battling it out for the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Wrestlemania 24.

The match itself featured some brilliant mat action with all the shenanigans you’d expect from a “La Familia” era Edge match. Run ins from Chavo Guerrero and The Edge Heads (Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins) helped Edge gain and advantage over The Deadman but the WWE Hall of Famer remained resiliant.

The Undertaker fought off all the challenges before it was just him vs Edge. He forced him to tap out with his Hell’s Gate submission move, winning the match and the World Heavyweight Championship in Edge’s best Wrestlemania main event match of his entire career.

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