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roman reigns wrestlemania main event

Roman Reigns has main evented 6 Wrestlemania’s and is considered one of the best, and most polarizing, wrestlers in the history of WWE. He was rushed into the main event scene after the breakup of the Shield, with fans rejecting him as the “Bootleg John Cena” of WWE in 2014.

Despite public defiance, Roman Reigns has been the top star in WWE for close to a decade and is the biggest star the company has made since John Cena.

By the end of his career, it is heavily likely he will have main evented more Wrestlemania’s than Hulk Hogan (8), especially with the rumoured Roman Reigns vs The Rock match at Wrestlemania 39.

Here are all of Roman Reigns’ Wrestlemania main events ranked from the best to worst.

Roman Reigns Wrestlemania Main Event

6. vs Brock Lesnar (Wrestlemania 34)

This match had everything in it to make it one of the worst Wrestlemania main event matches ever. The fans were completely uninterested with watching this match.

They didn’t care about Roman Reigns as a main eventer at all, still tired of WWE’s insistence of making him their biggest star, at the loss of other top stars like Dean Ambrose and Cesaro.

Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar was a year into his Universal Championship run, and fans grew weary of his dominance over the title. He had defeated all comers in dominant fashion, including Roman Reigns, and put away all of Raw’s top contenders with a single F5 every time.

So, when Roman Reigns kicked out of FIVE F5’s (yes FIVE) in front of the most apathetic crowd in WWE history in the Wrestlemania main event, it was absolutely hilarious.

WWE built up Lesnar’s finisher for a whole year, just to have Reigns kick out of it again, and again, and again.

To add the cherry on top, Lesnar then hit a sixth and still won the match.

5. vs The Undertaker (Wrestlemania 33)

One of the most disappointing main events in WWE history was the sad sight of Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker. The Deadman had lost his incredible streak three years prior and he was a shadow of his former self as he took on Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33.

It was a dull, boring match where a sub-par Reigns in the ring tried to carry a barely-mobile Undertaker to a passable match. WWE even brought back Jim Ross to commentate the match, under the assumption that it would be the final bout of the Deadman.

Roman Reigns defeated the Deadman, but he was in such bad shape the win did nothing for Roman Reigns in the Wrestlemania main event.

4. vs Triple H (Wrestlemania 32)

What is there to say about this match? Not a lot, as far as I recall.

I actually remember very little of this match, with it coming at the end of aa 16 hour Wrestlemania show and featuring slow, plodding action between two wrestlers nobody wanted to see in the ring.

Triple H had won his 14th and final WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble that year. Roman Reigns had been forced to put the belt on the line inside the Rumble match itself, which HHH took advantage of by entering at number thirty and walking away as WWE Champion.

Roman Reigns beat Triple H in the Wrestlemania 32 main event, with the only notable part of the match being when Roman it Stephanie McMahon with a long overdue spear to the gut.

While the match was bad, nobody came out of it looking embarrassing, which is why it is ranked higher than the Undertaker match.

3. vs Brock Lesnar (Wrestlemania 38)

The match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns finally saw Reigns defeat Lesnar in the main event of Wrestlemania main event.

The match was shorter than expected, with Reigns winning a match marred by an anticlimactic finish, which had fans worrying that Roman Reigns injured himself during the match.

However it later came out that he was not injured and the match was bizarrely just structured that way.

The match was a double title match, with both the WWE Championship and Universal Championship matches on the line.

This did not make the match any better, and it was largely forgettable. But, based on the previous Wrestlemania main events, it somehow ranks in in third due to me not actively hating the match.

2. vs Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins (Wrestlemania 31)

What turned from one of the worst Roman Reigns Wrestlemania main events to the best in the blink of an eye was the main event of Wrestlemania 31.

Heavily booed Royal Rumble winner and alleged good guy Roman Reigns tried to end the reign of WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, who the year prior had defeated The Undertaker to end the Deadman’s legendary undefeated Wrestlemania streak.

The Big Dog entered the ring to a chorus of boos, with one sign even proclaiming Roman Reigns to be a “wank pheasant”.

It was a humiliating time for Roman Reigns, who had long been rejected by the fans as the new face of WWE, with fans weary of him turning into “the new John Cena”, someone the hardcore fans had endured for the best part of ten years.

The match itself between Reigns and Lesnar was forgettable. It was hard hitting, but with little rhyme or reason and the fans imply wanted to see the larger Lesnar simply eat the smaller Reigns.

However, when Roman Reigns started to get the upper hand over Lesnar in the WrestleMania main event, fans began to groan as “Roman Wins LOL” seemed to be rearing its ugly head.

Then, as both men lay on the ground, Seth Rollins music hits and the Money in the Bank holder ran down the ring and cashed in his money in the bank contract.

For the first time ever, he both interrupted a current match to make it a triple threat, he did so during the Wrestlemania main event.

The match ended with Seth Rollins beating Roman Reigns, pinning him after a Curb Stomp to the head of the Big Dog. Fans went mental as both Reigns and Lesnar lost, in the second best Roman Reigns Wrestlemania main event.


vs Cody Rhodes (WrestleMania 39)

Roman Reigns defeated Cody Rhodes in the main event of WrestleMania 39, retaining his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

The American Nightmare was pinned Reigns after an incredible match, losing in his first WrestleMania main event match.

Cody Rhodes fought off attacks from Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman, as he tried to take down the Undisputed Champion in the biggest match of his career.

With his wife, daughter and AEW star Negative 1 at ringside, Cody had a a personal support willing him on to win the bout.

Before the match, he even handed his custom weight belt to Negative 1, in a moving moment involving the son of the late Brodie Lee.

Roman Reigns managed to kick out of a barrage of his opponent’s offence, including a back body drop through the announce table, a Cody Cutter and a Cross Rhodes.

Solo Sikoa was kicked out by the referee, for hitting Cody with the weight belt.

Cody Rhodes showed incredible heart, kicking out of everything Roman could dish out, including his Spear that has won his so many titles in the WWE.

After a ref bump, The Usos ran in to attack Cody, only to be thwarted by Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Zayn also hit his finisher on Reigns, giving him revenge from their title match in Montreal the month prior.

Cody Rhodes look to have the win after hitting a Bionic Elbow and two Cross Rhodes onto Roman. However, Solo Sikoa ran back in, hitting Rhodes with a Samoan Spike.

Roman Reigns then hit Cody Rhodes with a spear, pinning him for the victory.

This match would have been higher rated, had the ending not been filled with the usual “Ref bump and Bloodline interferes” trope that has plagued Roman Reigns’ record-breaking title run.

1. vs Edge vs Daniel Bryan (WrestleMania 37)

The best Roman Reigns Wrestlemania main event match was the Wrestlemania 37 bout between Roman Reigns, Edge and Daniel Bryan.

Roman Reigns entered the match almost a year into his Universal Championship reign and looked unstoppable in his quest to retain the championship with the odds stacked out of his favour.

He defended his championship in the main event against two of the best wrestlers in WWE history.

Former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan was one third of the match, whilst 2021 Royal Rumble winner Edge, fresh of a ten year hiatus due to an injury causing him to retire from wrestling in 2010, was the third and final man in the match.

The trio battled in the main event of Wrestlemania 37, the 5th main event of Roman Reigns career, and Bryan and Edge’s second each.

Roman Reigns won a brilliant match after stacking Edge on top of Daniel Bryan, pinning both at the same time in one of the most dominant performances in WrestleMania history.

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