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League of Nations WWE

The League Of Nations Were WWE’s Biggest Failure In Years

Hamish Woodward

The League of Nations in WWE were a short-lived yet fondly remembered team in WWE that could have helped launch ...

Analysing Why Fans Hated Roman Reigns Before He Was The Tribal Chief

Hamish Woodward

Roman Reigns is now head of the table in the Bloodline Faction, and is the leader of one of the ...

Ranking Roman Reigns’ WWE Championship Wins (From Worst To Best)

Hamish Woodward

Roman Reigns has won the WWE Championship four times in his career, the most of any current full-time WWE wrestler. ...

Roman Reigns’ Match With Jey Uso Is Worst Title Match Since Goldberg

Hamish Woodward

The star ratings for Summerslam 2023, and thing do not look good for Roman Reings. The main event of the ...

Cody Rhodes “Is Working” On Roman Reigns Rematch In WWE

Hamish Woodward

Cody Rhodes has revealed his plans for a rematch against Roman Reigns, stating that’s he working on getting another title ...

The Usos Want To Wrestle At WrestleMania In Brother vs Brother Match

Hamish Woodward

It’s looking increasingly likely that the long-awaited Jey Uso vs Jimmy Uso will happen at Wrestlemania next year. The pair ...

Jimmy Uso Turns On Roman Reigns To End The Bloodline

Hamish Woodward

Jimmy Uso hit Roman Reigns with a series of superkicks to finally escape from under the thumb of Roman Reigns. ...

Roman Reigns Suspended By WWE Due To Failing Drug Test

Hamish Woodward

Why was Roman Reigns suspended for drug violations in 2016? In June 2016, Roman Reigns was suspended 30 days for ...

Roman Reigns Only Has 5 Title Defences In 11 Months

Hamish Woodward

Looking back at Roman Reigns‘ 1000 day title reign, it’s clear that he has not been as active as past ...

the undertaker last match

Why The Undertaker’s last match may not be his “Last Ride” in WWE

Hamish Woodward

Newly minted WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker is considered by many as the greatest wrestler to ever live. The ...

The Reason Why Roman Reigns Wore Blue Contact Lenses

Hamish Woodward

After the Shield split up in early 2014, WWE had a hard time getting Roman Reigns over with the WWE ...


The Rock Reveals Why He Isn’t In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Hamish Woodward

Is the Rock in the WWE Hall of Fame? Keep reading to find out below The WWE Hall of Fame ...

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