Will Cody Rhodes Ever Win The WWE Championship?

Stewart Harper

Will Cody Rhodes ever be WWE Champion? And do we even care at this point?

It happened again. We trusted Roman Reigns would lose and he went and won again.

And not only did he win again, he won the exact same match we’ve been seeing for the past year.

Since the formation of The Bloodline, Roman Reigns has been unstoppable. With the help of The Usos and Solo Sikoa, he has beaten all the challengers that came before him, especially in the Triple H era of WWE.

Since he won the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38, Roman Reigns has relied on The Bloodline to help him win his matches.

Never ending interference from the aforementioned, as well as Paul Heyman, has blighted over a year of matches, which started out excellent but devolved into irritating culminations.

Never ending interference from the aforementioned, as well as Paul Heyman, has blighted over a year of matches, which started out excellent but devolved into irritating culminations.

The fatigue from Reigns never-ending title run really began at Clash at the Castle in September 2022.

This was the first big pay per view the WWE had run in the United Kingdom for 30 years, and seemed to have been built as a vehicle to crown Drew McIntyre the WWE Champion once again.

The Scot was already the first British WWE Champion, but all of his title wins had come away from the fans, due to the pandemic.

He had pushed for a UK PPV for years, and in 2022 WWE finally gave in, booking him in the main event match in Cardiff, Wales, against Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle.

The crowd was so much into Drew, it seemed impossible he would lose. Reigns had been champion for over two years at this point, and it seemed past the date that he should have lost the belt.

Drew McIntyre dominated, and had 65,000 fans behind him as he took on Reigns. However, the debut of Solo Sikoa cost him the match and the title, sending the fans home disappointed, and tired of Reigns title reign.

The same happened at Elimination Chamber 2022. Sami Zayn this time was the hometown hero, having his title chance in front of a rabid Montreal crowd.

Zayn had been a part of The Bloodline for close to a year, but turned on the group to save his long-time friend Kevin Owens from an attack at the Royal Rumble.

It had been a long time coming, but it finally seemed time for Reigns to lose. The disappointment over McIntyre losing finally dissipated, as it seems he lost, so Zayn could win.

One interference from Jey Uso later, and Roman Reigns pinned Sami Zayn and retained his championship.

This had been happening in all of his matches, but these were the most egregious example.

However, fans still weren’t too unhappy. After all, Cody Rhodes had returned to win the Royal Rumble, and he seemed destined to be anointed as the new face of WWE.

It was fine that Drew McIntyre lost. It was also fine that Sami Zayn lost, because Cody Rhodes was destined to beat Roman Reigns.

Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns was the main event of WrestleMania 39. The stage was set for a coronation for The American Nightmare.

You all know where it goes next.

Interference from The Usos, Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa – who had already been ejected from the match – cost Cody Rhodes the match, in front of his wife, his daughter (who ended racism by being born) and Brodie Lee Jr.

It was a crushing loss. It could have made Cody a sympathetic character, had he not come out the next night on Raw and called Roman “the better competitor”.

What a loser.

Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar team up together on Monday Night Raw, against Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa
“Oh you’re so good at wrestling Roman. You’re the real American Nightmare”

Paul Heyman claimed that Cody Rhodes is “a bigger star” for his loss – I think that’s absolute rubbish.

People aren’t clamouring to see Roman Reigns lose the title. Yes, they are waiting for him to lose, but not because of the “heel heat bro”.

They’re tired. Tired of the same old match, time after time. Roman Reigns has embraced his character from 2015 – the unbeatable underdog, overcoming the odds as the fans turn off in their droves.

Just because he’s a heel now, and the WWE want you to boo him, doesn’t make it interesting to watch or enjoyable to experience.


Who is even left for Roman Reigns to lose to? You can give Cody Rhodes the belt at Summerslam, but then he’ll have a fraction of the fan support than now.

GUNTHER is the next big star, but having a monstrous heel beat the monstrous heel would be a disastrous use of a three-year title reign.

There is nobody. So lets see Jey Uso win the title. It makes sense in storyline, but Jey Uso is not the face of the company.

WWE will give the title to a less-over Cody Rhodes, and fans will go mild.

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