Katsuhiko Nakajima Horrifically Knocks Out Wrestler For Second Time In Three Months

Japanese wrestler Katsuhiki Nakjima has knocked out a wrestler for the second time in 3 months, as the wrestling world condemns his actions. The star wrestles for Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan and is considered one of the top stars in the promotion and one of the most influential wrestlers in Japan in recent years.

His matches with KENTA in the late 2000s were some of the finest in the world and helped define the future of Junior Heavyweight Champion division, but in recent years has crafted a reputation of being dangerous in the ring.

This has culminated in a number of intentional knock-outs in the ring, with two in just the past three months in Pro Wrestling NOAH. The latest attack came during the Kastsuhiko Nakajima vs Kinya Okada during the N-1 Victory 2022 tournament.

The below clip from Twitter user @pepswrestling shows the horrifying attach where Nakajima knocks out his opponent with a brutal kick to the face, knocking him out. The referee quickly ended the match and he received medical attention


Kinya Okada did awake soon after the brutal kick to the face, but the match was called off by the referee due to injury. Pro Wrestling NOAH later announced that Okada suffered a fractured jaw due to the attack and will be out of a undetermined period of time.

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