The Acclaimed tried to get Chuck Palumbo for Billy Gunn’s ‘Daddy Ass Birthday Bash’

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The Accliamed’s Anthony Bowens recently revealed that he tried to get Chuck Palumbo into AEW as a birthday gift for Billy Gunn.

The AEW Tag Team Champions have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, coming from being nobodies when they were signed in late 2020 to being one of the most popular acts in the company in 2023. With Max Caster’s raps and Anthony Bowens incredible enthusiasm, the duo have become the perfect team as well as getting better in the ring with each passing week.

When they were joined by Billy Gunn in 2022, their act went from good-to-great. Christening him “Daddy Ass”, he became a manager and occasional wrestle in the team and has been a key part of their feud against the Gunn Club (AKA The Ass Boys) over the AEW Championships.

They recently held a birthday party for the WWE Hall of Famer, but Anthony Bowens recently revealed that one man was missing from the celebration. He appeared on “Insight with Chris Van Vliet” to reveal that Billy Gunn’s former tag team partner Chuck Palumbo, of “Billy and Chuck” fame, was supposed to be his “gift” to Daddy Ass, but ultimate never came to fruition.

“I don’t like pulling the curtain too far back, but I will say that the Daddy Ass birthday bash celebration, I thought it would be a fun idea, and I did put together what you saw and the people enjoyed, but it was about maybe 30 or 40% of what I had originally planned. He (Chuck Palumbo) was going to be my birthday gift, but he wasn’t available.”

Billy and Chuck were an infamous duo in the mid 2000s in WWE, winning the WWE Tag Team Championships during their time together. They had an ambiguously gay gimmick, which ended in a mock wedding between the two which ended in disaster when one WWE Hall of Famer made an unlikely appearance at the ceremony.

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