The Gunn Club Reveal Why They Joined The Firm In AEW

The Gunn Club recently appeared on the AEW Unrestricted podcast and spoke about their recent association with The Firm and their link with AEW star MJF. The two young Gunns are the sons of former WWE Tag Team Champion Billy Gunn and aim to carry on his legacy by winning tag team gold of their own in AEW.

Colten Gunn spoke first about their reasoning for joining The Firm. The younger of the Gunn Brothers claimed that the faction, led by Malcom Bivens, has given them “Unlimited Opportunities” and spoke the ridiculous claim that “We are Hollywood”.

“I mean for me and Austin, it’s been great. Me and Austin just got back from New York Fashion Week. One week after we join The Firm, we’re front row VIP at New York Fashion Week. We’re getting dressed by designers, life couldn’t be better right now. The Firm has given us unlimited opportunities and we are Hollywood.”

His older brother, Austin Gunn, then gave his views on why they joined The Firm. Having recently split with their father, who now works with The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens) and goes by the nickname “Daddy Ass”.

Austin Gunn on behalf of The Gunn Club, revealed that the main reason they teamed up with Biven, Morrissey and company was because they were the group that could help catapult them to tag team gold, something with they unsuccessfully challenge for under the tutelage of their Hall of Fame Father.

He also spoke about his association with the group led him to relationships with “models at lingerie shows” and that the duo have had “reality TV show opportunities” in the weeks since the groups formation.

“Yeah. I was shooting DMs. New York Fashion Week. I have a blue checkmark by my name. I’m part of The Firm, what’s up, I’m here representing The Firm, I’m representing AEW. I’m shooting DMs to every single model at lingerie shows.

I’m coming off of a reality TV show. There’s nothing that The Gunns can’t do but now it’s finally time for somebody to realize our potential. We’re not just in this company to lose matches and get other people over. The Gunns are winning the Tag Team Championship belts, that’s what we’re doing. The Firm can help get us there. It’s as easy as that.”

The Gunn Club As AEW Tag Team Champions

The Gunn Club are one of the most promising young team in AEW at the moment. Being still in their 20s, they are one of the most improved teams over the past two years and, like The Acclaimed, could see themselves as homegrown AEW Tag Team Champions in no time, if they continue to progress on the level that they are at the moment.

Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn as the Gunn Club are the team to watch in AEW going into 2023 and their membership in The Firm could be the catalyst they need to finally move them into the tag team main event scene. They already have the obnoxious, annoying tag team persona down and once they improve their in-ring work I have no doubts they will be a top team in no time at all.

Would you like to see The Gunn Club as AEW Tag Team Champions? Let us know what you think in the comments or click below to read about why Rob Van Dam left the WWE

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