WWE Has “No Plans” For Veer Mahaan In Huge Blow For Indian Star

Hamish Woodward

Veer Mahaan

His return to Monday Night Raw was hyped up for months, but WWE currently have no plans for Veer Mahaan going forward. The Indian Superstar was previously paired up with Jinder Mahal and Shanky on Monday Night Raw, but after the 2021 WWE Draft, he was separated from his team and kept alone on Raw.

As a singles wrestler, vignettes began to air hyping up the re-debut of Veer Mahan on the main roster, teasing his appearances with the phrase “Veer Mahaan is coming to Raw”. These videos went on and on and were shown weekly on Raw for 5 months, between November 2021 and April 2022.

When he finally debuted, he feuded with Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio, but these were eventually dropped and he was relegated to WWE Main Event to wrestle against talent like Ricochet and The Viking Raiders.

His storylines were dropped not long after his return, but with Vince McMahon retiring from the company, fans of the former baseball star (real name Rinku Singh) will have been hoping that Triple H had plans to push him further up the card once he took over as head of creative.

Sadly, this is not the case. According to Fightful Select, Veer Mahaan is not currently planned to be pushed by WWE in the near future, with Triple H and company have no storylines in the works for him. He last wrestled on Monday Night Raw in August, in a squash match against Beaux Keller, but has only wrestled in NXT since then.

The report by Fightful also noted that Veer is not longer booked for any appearances in WWE going forward. This could be just until he begins to tag with Sanga, as the team Indus Sher, but according to the breaking news about Veer Mahaan this is not the case.

Being 34 years of age, his time may be running out in WWE for Veer Mahaan. He joined the company with huge buzz, after his incredible career coming out of nowhere to becoming a baseball star with zero training in the sport.

He was signed by the NBA side Pittsburgh Pirates after he won a pitching contest, on a 2008 reality television show called The Million Dollar Arm. After winning the event, a movie was made based on his life, also named The Million Dollar Arm. Given his true Hollywood-style rise from nowhere, everyone expected WWE to push him hard, especially to appeal to their ever expanding Indian market.

However, he showed very little in-ring talent and is receiving a lack of push as a result. He is getting toward the age that WWE are known to give up on their talent that don’t improve and could release him with the next batch of WWE firings if he does not feature on WWE TV some time in the near future.

If Veer Mahaan does leave WWE soon, it is unknown if he would receive interest from other promotions like AEW or Impact wrestler, so only time will tell what the future in wrestling holds for the Indian sports star.

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