Jungle Boy and Nikkita Lyons Went To School Together?

Hamish Woodward

Nikkita Lyons and Jungle Boy

Nikkita Lyons has confirmed that she and Jungle Boy went to school together, in a recent Tweet. The NXT star went to the same middle school as “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, who is the son of the late Hollywood actor Luke Perry.

In a reply to a video of Jungle Boy in Twitter, Nikkita Lyons replied by saying “Fun fact we went to middle school together! Jungle boy is [three fireworks emojis]. You can see the full tweet below.

Jungle Boy then confirmed this fact with his own reply to Lyons, replying with a single turtle emoji. We can assume this is confirmation and even possibly an in-joke between the two old friends.

Jungle Boy is a former AEW World Tag Team Champion, which he won with his former partner and now-rival Luchasaurus. He now wrestles as a singles star and is feuding with Luchasaurus and Christian Cage.

Meanwhile, Nikkita Lyons is one of the fastest rising stars in the NXT women’s division and definitely one to watch out for going forward in the WWE. You can expect a call-up to the main roster in the near future, maybe even after Wrestlemania this year.

It isn’t currently known which middle school Jungle Boy and Nikkita Lyons attended, but it’s fun to learn that two wrestlers from different companies have a relationship outside of wrestling too.

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