Ricochet could go to AEW when contract expires in 2024

Hamish Woodward

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Ricochet was once touted as the next big thing in wrestling, but after years being wasted in WWE he may have to move to AEW to finally fulfil that potential.

Last year, he got into an altercation online after his contract situation was discussed in a Twitter post. He denied the claim his deal was up and he would soon be a free agent, quashing any rumours of a Ricochet to AEW deal happening in 2021.

Dave Meltzer has revealed more details on Ricochet’s contract situation in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The wrestling journalist revealed that his sources confirmed that Ricochets WWE contract is set to run until the Summer of 2024, where it will then expire.

This has put a dampener on any recent speculation of Ricochet signing for AEW. The former Lucha Underground star has been in WWE for 4 years at this point after he signed for the promotion in 2018.

He was called up to the main roster in 2019 after the announcement of AEW and Ricochet was handed a new WWE contract with higher pay and 5 years on his deal, set to expire in 2 years time.

The deal was signed before the Covid Pandemic hit and he was given a bumper deal to stop any interest from AEW. However, WWE stars soon we soon disappointed as may layoffs saw their contracts and higher pay dissipate into nothing but disappointment.

Once it comes to the summer of 2024 however, Ricochet could move to AEW and be the premier signing of the summer like CM Punk was in 2021.

Ricochet to AEW

If Ricochet leaves WWE in 2024 or is release before, he would soon find a home in wrestling. AEW were reportedly interested in signing the former Prince Puma when rumours of his WWE deal ending were ripe and he is a known friend of The Young Bucks.

This could lead you to conclude that, should the money be right, he will sign for AEW. He would certainly be treated better in AEW and booked less like a loser in every match. Despite being the Intercontinental Champion, he is really featured on TV and PPV and if often forgotten about.

While a move to AEW could be great for Ricochet, a return to NJPW could also be on the cards. He made his name globally with his match against Will Ospreay years ago in NJPW, and with Ospreay now one of the companies top stars, a return and a rematch with Will Ospreay could intrigue Ricochet more than a move to AEW.

Ricochet may not be a top star if he signs for AEW would he would definitely be treated better than he is in WWE. Hopefully he makes the move once his WWE contract expires.

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