Bray Wyatt return to WWE at Hell in a Cell confirmed?

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Bray Wyatt looks to be returning to WWE soon if a cryptic Twitter is to be believed. WWE is hosting Hell in a Cell this Sunday which is a pay per view Bray Wyatt is very familiar with (we’ll go more into that later).

Fans have longed to see Bray Wyatt return since his shocking release last year. He has not been seen in wrestling since his release, instead working on movies and biding his time before his return to the ring, which looks to be imminent.

Looking at Bray Wyatt’s Twitter account, a return to WWE seems very likely. He changed his name on the social media platform from a red circle, which he changed when he was released from WWE, to “WYATT 6”.

Turning his name back to Wyatt, which was the last name he had in WWE and has no legal right over as far anyone is aware, seems a sure-fire reason for him going back to WWE. However, former WWE star Aleister Black moved to AEW from WWE and kept his surname, instead going by Malakai Black.

The “6” part of “WYAT 6” could indicate the date of his return. While it is part of the number of the Devil (666 as stated in the Bible), it could also mean the date in which he will return to WWE. Hell in a Cell is scheduled for the 6th of June 2022, which is the sixth day of the sixth month of the year.

Even though his Twitter handle @Windham6 (Windham being his real life first name), changing his name on the platform back to Wyatt has made fans sure he was returning to WWE. He also changed his Twitter profile picture to an upside down moth that shows the face of The Fiend, his demonic character he played before his WWE exit.

This coupled with some cryptic Tweets, Bray Wyatt’s WWE return looks more certain than ever.

Bray Wyatt WWE Return

Another cryptic clue (which he was always famous for in WWE) regarding Bray Wyatt’s WWE return was a Tweet that he posted not long after he changed his profile picture.

Late yesterday night, Bray Wyatt posted on Twitter referencing his release from WWE in July last year. He referenced his release as a “horrible suffering” but said “I’ve got sh-t to do” and “I’m ready now.

Everything good that’s ever happened to me, first came a period horrible suffering. I never ask why, I just wait for the rough part to end.

I was chosen for whatever reason. And I’ve got shit to do. It doesn’t hurt anymore, it burns. I’m ready now”

He later added to his Tweets by referencing the “irrelevant clowns” who “speculate how how I’ll be perceived”. It looks like he was talking about his release from WWE and how fans made assumptions about Bray Wyatt’s personal and professional issues leading up to his release from WWE.

“I’m tired of watching. Tired of hearing irrelevant clowns speculate how I’ll be perceived. Tired of hearing about my greed, my desire questioned.”

“Wherever and whenever I decide to return, I’ll remind everyone why they know my name. Again. And again. Believe in me.”

Finally he added “patience. it’s almost time” with one final Tweet, indicating his return to wrestling could be sooner than we think.

It looks like Bray Wyatt will make his return to WWE at Hell in a Cell. Hopefully it will set up a return for either Bray Wyatt or the Fiend and set up some blockbuster clashes against top stars like Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes.

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