Throwback To The Great Khali’s Last Match In WWE

The Great Khali is a WWE Hall of Famer and legend of the ring…sort of.

The Indian Giant is a former World Heavyweight Champion and the first Asian-born WWF Champion in history (if we ignore Antonio Inoki, as WWE do).

He had some memorable feuds against big stars like John Cena, The Undertaker and Batista. The moment he squeezed Rey Mysterio’s head like a grape remains something scarred into my brain forever.

However, he was pretty much objectively terrible. By the time we got the WWE his knees were shot due to his immense and even before then, he was never really a great wrestler.

He was massive though. Absolutely huge and it worked for him. He was terrifying and you simply could not believe anybody could beat him. He seemed invincible.

When somebody like John Cena or The Undertaker finally beat him, it meant something. It was big. Great even. It made them that much more formiddable.

However, in The Great Khali‘s last match he was a shadow of his former self and a sad reminder of the cruelty of how time will come for us all.

Anyway, here’s the final WWE match of WWE Hall of Famer and former World Heavyweight Champion, The Great Khali.

The Great Khali’s Last WWE Match

The Great Khali’s last match in the WWE was during the Greatest Royal Rumble match in 2018. Khali was a surprise legend as part of the 50 man Royal Rumble match.

The event took place in Saudi Arabia and was part of the one billion dollar deal to bring wrestling to the Middle East. The event was highly controversial given the recent killing of a journalist by Saudi Arabia but the event went ahead regardless.

The Greatest Royal Rumble match was touted as such because it was the largest Royal Rumble match ever. While 30 men usually enter the match, this one featured 50 WWE superstars, some old, some new and some big surprises.

These included Mark Henry, a sumo wrestler name Hiroki Sumi and Hornswoggle. It was also Chris Jericho’s last WWE match before signing for AEW in late 2018.

The Great Khali entered at number 45 in his final WWE match. He did not last long however, spending only 31 seconds in the match that went on for fell over an hour and 15 minutes.

He hobbled his way to the ring due to the horrific state of his knees. He never had the best knees over his career due to his immense size, but by the way he walked it was clear he was in pain.

He stumbled into the ring to his the famous “Khali Chops”. Sadly, The Great Khali’s last matched ended when he was thrown over the top rope by a combination of Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman, the latter of which would go on to win the match in it’s entirety.

The Greatest Royal Rumble was Khali’s first appearance in WWE since he crashed Jinder Mahal’s Punjabi Prison Match against Randy Orton.

Battleground 2017 was the fixture of the last Punjabi Prison match. The Great Khali made a surprise return to the match type he created to attack Randy Orton to help Jinder Mahal retain the WWE Championship.

In 2021, The Great Khali was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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