Eric Bischoff Reveals Why He Left TNA

Starting in 2010, Eric Bischoff made a shocking return to wrestling by signing for TNA. Alongside long-time friend Hulk Hogan, the WWE Hall of Famer was appointed an executive of the company to help them battle WWE in the new version of the Monday Night Wars. He and Hogan spend vast amount of money buying the contracts of various stars of the past to try and compete with Vince McMahon, although the move was ultimately a failure and ended with the pair leaving the company under a cloud.

Bischoff stayed with the company until 2013,when he was pushed out of the company and forced to stay home until the end of his contract a year later. Eric Bischoff revealed the reason why he was kicked out of TNA during this time in the recent episode of his podcast “83 Weeks“.

Eric Bischoff revealed he left TNA because he was unhappy having his role changed as the company restructured, following years of mismanagement in their goal to battle with the WWE. Because of the way his contract was structured, Bischoff would have rather left the company than had to report to anyone else in the company.

“At the end of this meeting, everything’s going great. Everything’s kind of upbeat, positive, and I find out at the very end of the meeting that the reason that I was called there is because there was a desire to restructure TNA and they wanted me to report to (John) Gaburick, which would have been, number one, a change in my contract because it’s not the way my contract was set up.”

“Number two, I just went, no. Not that I didn’t like John, but, no. I remember we got out and we’re getting ready to jump in our car to take us to the airport, and Big (John Gaburick) looks at me and goes, ‘Eric, this is gonna be great. I mean, it will be you and me.’ He knew that Janice (Carter) wanted me to report to him and John was like, ‘This is gonna be awesome.’ I said, John, ‘It really won’t because it’s not going to happen. I’m not doing it.’ He said, ‘Just think about it.’ I said, ‘Okay, I’ll think about it, and then I’m going to tell you, I’m just not doing that. I’m not changing my relationship with the company because the company wants to restructure and I don’t want to report to you. It’s just not my thing. It’s not what I came here for’, and that was pretty much the end of it, and shortly thereafter, I was on my way out.”

Eric Bischoff was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021 and had made recent appearances in both AEW and WWE.

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