Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler Is The Worst Match In WWE History

Hamish Woodward


There have been many matches in WWE which have failed to impress. Dream matches that did not quite live up to expectations, or one-off bouts where the competitors simply do not click. Some bouts are booked horribly, leaving the wrestlers no room to make it good and some matches just don’t work for a variety of reasons.

Then, there’s the Wrestlemania 27 match – Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler. The two commentators were the public face of Monday Night Raw, calling the action every Monday Night as the lead commentators on WWE’s biggest show. Both had spent decades in the company and were two of the most well respected individuals the WWE had.

They also had the worst match, and maybe the worst feud of all time. The two had a rivalry which spanned months, with Michael Cole turning heel (which is the worst thing you want from your lead commentator) and continually ruined episodes of the show with his obnoxious broadcasting style. It was insufferable to watch and made thousands turn off from watching the programming for years.

He feuded with his fellow commentator and wrestling legend Jerry Lawler, but their match at Wrestlemania was the worst match in WWE History.

Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole

Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole is the worst match in WWE history. and it is not even close for me. I’m shocked it got as high as 0.15 rating on Cagematch. If I could give it a numerical value, it would be in the minuses.

Jerry Lawler is a legend of the squared circle. The King of Memphis has been a fixture of WWE for over 20 years, and was one of the most recognisable voice of the Attitude Era. He also has a long and storied career as a top class wrestler, having wrestled in his hometown of Memphis for over 40 years.

Michael Cole is a long time WWE character who is in no way a wrestler. Now, non-wrestlers have had matches before. Tyson Fury has shown that already in this list. However, most times a non-wrestler is given a chance in the ring, they do it smartly. They have short matches with just a few spots, and usually involving some interference or as a multi-man match.

They don’t stick a man who’s pushing sixty in the ring with a man who’s never wrestled a day in his life and expect it to go well. And you certainly don’t do that at Wrestlemania, and you certainly don’t give it the same amount of time as the main event of the show.

Unless of course you’re an idiot like Vince McMahon, who sat in the back with glee as he watched nearly 14 minutes of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler struggling to wrestle in the middle of Wrestlemania 26. Even having the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee did nothing to make this match better.

If you’ve seen the match, you’ll be shocked at what you just read. I too was shocked when I saw the match only went 14 minutes. Because watching it it felt like it went about 30 minutes. I hate myself for watching this match again and I swear I never will again.

The worst part of the match though? Jerry Lawler finally beat the obnoxious heel Michael Cole, but the stupid Raw Anonymous General Match overturned the result, because Steve Austin dared try to make it slightly enjoyable by dishing out a few stunners. The laptop awarded Cole the winner after the fact, making the whole thing not only awful to watch, but completely pointless too.

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