Alberto Del Rio Reveals WWE Return Talks, Wants One Last Run

Hamish Woodward

Alberto Del Rio WWE Return

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio has revealed that had talks with the WWE over a return to the company this year, in a shocking statement. The Mexican star wrestled for the WWE between 2009 and 2014, and again for a short run in 2015-2016 where he defeated John Cena to become the United States Champion.

He left WWE under a cloud in 2016, after a failed run as part of the League of Nations, alongside Rusev, Wade Barrett and Sheamus. During this time he began to date WWE superstar Paige, who know wrestles in AEW as Saraya. The pair would get engaged in 2016 but allegations of backstage issues and abusive behaviour by Del Rio contributed to his firing from the company.

He did make history in his run with the company, however. He became the first ever Mexican-born WWE Champion when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract at Summerslam 2011, taking the title off CM Punk (Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio were both Mexican champions but were born inside the United States – Texas and San Diego, respectively).

He wrestled for a number of promotions since leaving WWE, including Impact Wrestling and various Mexican companies. However, he has been in numerous different legal troubles and was even accused of kidnapping, although the charges were later dropped.

Alberto Del Rio revealed that he discussed a WWE return earlier this year, in an interview with The Wrassingh Show. He revealed in the interview that he spoke to WWE earlier this year about returning to the company, but has not heard a peep from them since Vince McMahon retired from wrestling in July 2022.

When asked about if he’d spoken to Triple H about returning to the company, Del Rio replied;

“Not at the moment. There was at the beginning of this year, there were some approaches but they didn’t come from Hunter. Since this new administration is in charge of the WWE, I haven’t talked to any of them, I don’t know if I will, I hope I do. But I think and many, many people, millions of people agree that I should be doing one last thing with this company but that is not in my hands. That’s not up to me. But we’ll see, time will tell.

“These days we have people talking or hating just because they can, that’s how social media is, everybody can go there and say stuff even though sometimes or most of the time, those things are not even real but you know, that’s the way it is these days.

So I’m not, if I go back or not go back, that doesn’t matter. I’m gonna continue producing, doing something different with my company, I’m gonna working for a few other companies that I am working for as a commentator, as an announcer. I’m gonna continue doing business in many other companies.”

The former World Heavyweight Champion also claimed that he was not fired by WWE and that he left of his own accord. He revealed he regretted leaving the company and would love to go back for one last run with the company.

“I would love to go and work for everybody, I have been doing that for many years, since I left the WWE because I left the WWE, I did not get fired as the Internet loves to say. Of course, unfortunately I left, of course I regret it later

Despite the claims of his impending return to WWE, Alberto Del Rio will not be returning to WWE.

WWE have reportedly less than no interest in bringing back Alberto Del Rio, despite what Del Rio claims. He has not been mentioned on TV for the past six years and his backstage antics are more than enough to keep him out of any major promotion for the rest of his career. AEW and WWE will do well to steer clear of him.

He has also said that he wants – and deserves – a Hall of Fame induction into the WWE, which seems equally unlikely. However, based on wrestlers like Jimmy Snuka, who murdered his girlfriend, getting in, you can never say never in the world of the WWE.

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