Miro Leaving AEW To Go Back To WWE Once Contract Expires?

Miro looks to be unhappy with AEW and could leave the company once his contract expires. The Bulgarian Superstar joined All Elite Wrestling in 2020 after being released by WWE but could be set to head back to the promotion, especially now that former NXT boss Triple H is in charge of the companies creative.

Miro has reportedly been unhappy lately in AEW, including liking tweets saying that he was better off in WWE, and has recently been discussing his plans for the future once his current contract expires. He has not been featured prominently in AEW since his injury at the end of 2021 and has only wrestled three times since he signed a new, 4 year deal earlier this year.

On “The Sessions with Renée Paquette“, the former Rusev discussed his plans for the future once his 4 year deal with AEW expires, in 2026. Now 37, the Bulgarian former powerlifter could be looking toward the end of his career and out of the wrestling business..

“I think, after this contract, I thought I was going to be done. I can go more, it depends. I feel great. I feel my body is getting better and better. It’s not hurting, especially now with working, like I said, just having a match just once a week, your body can go so much longer.”

He seems to believe that he is going to leave the business in 4 years, although with the admittance of his body feeling “great” he may stick with wrestling into his 40s, even if on a part time basis (compared to AEW’s one match a week schedule he is currently a part of).

Miro was missing for months in All Elite Wrestling, both healing his injuries and focusing on his acting career. He has admitted that following the footsteps of John Cena and The Rock is his dream and is working on moving to Hollywood to be a movie star some time in the future.

Miro appeared on screen with The Rock, during his time as Rusev in WWE

In the same podcast with Renee Pacquette, Miro revealed that he regularly goes on auditions for TV shows and movies and was even cast in a TV pilot, which ended up taking him to New York for two weeks to film.

“I get auditions every now and again. They liked me and they wanted to book me for this New York show for a CBS pilot. Like yeah, it was my first one. I’ve never done this before. I had an audition, and boom, they called me. I was really excited and it was a great experience.”

“I got to live in Brooklyn for two weeks. I got to experience New York, which was great for me because I used to hate New York. I just had another audition this morning. It was really cool. It was for a western movie. I still do my acting school. I go there every week with Lesly Kahn. I think everybody should do that. Everybody should have a second and a third gig.”

It is currently unknown whether or not Miro’s TV pilot was picked up for a full series. If it is, it would be expected that he take an extended period of time off from wrestling to film the show. This would impact his AEW career greatly and could force Tony Khan to think twice about booking him in main event positions some time in the future.

Rusev has appeared in movies and TV shows before, most prominently in the WWE production “Countdown”, alongside former Heavyweight Champions Dolph Ziggler and Kane.

However, Miro shot down any chance of a return to WWE. He praised the schedule of AEW and there two-show a week plan (which rarely, if ever, involves talent wrestling on both Dynamite and Rampage) compared to WWE being on the road for the majority of the week and wrestling up to five times a week, on TV and touring house shows.

It’s different, just listening to… all these [WWE] guys. Just knowing [they’re] four or five days on the road, it’s too much. I don’t want to do that, especially right now, knowing that, eventually, I want to do something else. I want to work towards that.

Miro is currently embroiled in a feud with Malakai Black, with the pair expected to face off at All Out 2022, although the match could also involve the rest of the House of Black, Darby Allin and Sting.

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