Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Are Pro-Wrestling’s Power Couple

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have long been destined to take over the WWE. Many thought that it would be long into the future when Vince McMahon passed away, but his recent shock retirement has brought them to the forefront of wrestling.

Despite both recently taking a leave of absence, they now hold the highest positions possible in WWE and are the power couple of all power couples inside the world of professional wrestling. The true King (of Kings) and (Million Dollar) Queen of the WWE.

Stephanie McMahon Took Over From Her Father as CEO of WWE

Stephanie McMahon has taken over the roles of WWE chair and co-chief executive in the wake of her fathers sudden and disgraced retirement. The former WWE Champion Vince McMahon retired from his role after revelations regarding over $12 million given to employees to silence accusations of sexual misconduct.

With him leaving WWE, Stephanie McMahon has been given a huge role in the company, and one she has been destine for her entire life. She joins WWE President Nick Khan as Co-CEO’s after Vince stepped down, with the pair tasked running the business side of the WWE.

Stephanie has long held executive roles in the WWE and is heavily suited for the job. She has also been leaning from her father her entire life and is the perfect candidate to take over the disgraced former boss of WWE.

However, no one person can replace such a figurehead as Vince McMahon. In light of this, both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, her husband of 19 years and former WWE Champion, having both been given executive roles in the company to keep the WWE going after the loss of it’s long time boss and father figure.

Triple H is now Head of Creative in WWE

After Vince McMahon announced his retirement from wrestling, a void appeared at the head of WWE creative. No-one had ever taken the mantle from Vince McMahon (Although Jerry Jarrett was planning to take over if Vince McMahon went to prison in the 1990s) and replacing him would be a job that almost nobody could live up to.

However, with Stephanie McMahon now co-CEO of WWE, her husband Triple H has stepped up and taken over the role of head of creative in WWE. The 14 time WWE Champion recently suffered a cardiac event that caused him to retire from the ring and take an extended hiatus from WWE, but he recently returned to the company, and for good reason.

He is not a novice to the creative side of wrestling. Triple H regularly sat in on booking meetings with Vince McMahon as early as the 1990s, and with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s wedding in 2003 his influence in WWE grew.

He was tasked with creating and running the NXT developmental brand in WWE, which he did and made it the best wrestling show on TV for a number of years. He created a number of WWE stars, such as Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre, on his NXT show before it was repurposed into “NXT 2.0” and Shawn Michaels took over the reigns.

Now he has the top creative job in WWE, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have the two most powerful positions in all of wrestling. The WWE is their oyster and they can craft it in their image, becoming the most powerful power-couple in the history of the business.

Triple H & Stephanie McMahon have shared some memorable moments on screen

While they wed in 2003 in real life, their first wedding did not quite go as many would have expected on screen. In 1999, the pair “married” in a drive through wedding on an episode of Monday Night Raw. Triple H drugged the young Stephanie McMahon and married her in a Las Vegas drive through (the Attitude Era, folks).

It eventually turned out she was not drugged and the marriage was all part of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H’s plan to get back at her father, Vince. It culminated in a match between Triple H and Vince McMahon where she would finally turn heel on her dad.

The angle was a very popular one, and it was said to have revealed “insane chemistry” between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The Game was not sure about the relationship at first, however. As he was a WWE Superstar and she was the boss’s daughter, it seemed wrong to begin dating.

Triple H took on Vince McMahon at Armageddon 1999, winning with the help of Stephanie McMahon

However, asking advice from long-time friend The Undertaker, he decided it was worth the risk. As you can see, the risk paid off and the pair will be celebrating 20 years of marriage next year and have three daughters together.

Are They Having Marital Issues?

Despite rumours of their marital issues during the Vince McMahon revelations, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have not split up.

Wade Keller reported on the rumours and confirmed that the pair were still together and were “still a team”.

“I know when Hunter had his health problems, and then Stephanie stepped aside there were, I don’t wanna say rumors because that’s overstating it. [There was] conjecture that maybe there were marital issues that they were dealing with. I’m told that’s just flat out not the case and that they are a team.”

While Stephanie and Triple H are as strong and every, it is her brother that has a problem with The Game.

Does Triple H hate Shane McMahon?

While Triple H is now on the top of company, Stephanie’s brother Shane McMahon is nowhere to be seen. He last appeared on WWE at the 2022 Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant, before being unceremoniously fired by his father Vince McMahon backstage.

Triple H and Shane McMahon have never seen eye to eye and are said to not be friends behind the scenes at all. While I’m sure the pair are cordial for the sake of Stephanie, it is no secret that the pair are not the best of friends.

Former WWE referee Mike Chioda revealed that Shane McMahon was one person who said that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon should not be dating, trying to convince The Game to move away from his sister, due to him being a wrestler. He revealed that is why the pair fell out and aren’t friends to this day.

“Yes, Shane did [advised Triple H against dating Stephanie]. Shane McMahon did. That’s why the feud fell out, that’s for sure. It was a thing from Vince Sr. that came around many years ago. They didn’t want anybody dating talent, none of the kids and none of their family. He didn’t want them taking bumps, which that didn’t happen. I think Shane really had a big part of that and that’s why Shane and Triple H had a falling out for many years, and that’s why Shane was exiled for 10 years.”

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are as strong as ever despite the opposition and will run the WWE into the future, ushering in a new era in WWE not seen since before the days of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage.

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